25+ Social Sciences Books for Free! [PDF]

Explore the fascinating world of Social Sciences! If you’re passionate about understanding how human societies, interactions, and cultural phenomena work, you’ve come to the right place.

Social sciences are a multidisciplinary field of study that focuses on understanding human behavior, social structures, institutions, interpersonal relationships, culture, and many other aspects that shape our society.

Disciplines such as sociology, social psychology, anthropology, economics, and political science allow us to explore and analyze the complexities of societies and their impact on people’s lives.

In this section, you will find over 30 materials, including free books and articles on social sciences in PDF format, that will immerse you in the enigmas and debates of this fascinating discipline.

Whether you’re interested in exploring organizational structures, human behavior in groups, economic systems, or political phenomena, our collection will provide you with a comprehensive and up-to-date view of advances in the Social Sciences.

Social Sciences books

The impact of the social sciences

Simon Bastow, Patrick Dunleavy, Jane tinkler

The Science in Social Science

Princeton University Press

Social Science Research: Principles, Methods, and Practices

Anol Bhattacherjee

Outline of social science

Basic Knowledge 101

An Introduction to Social Sciences (Article)

Rifat J. Quadiri

Psychology Books

Psychology, as a scientific discipline, studies human behavior and mental processes, providing a deep understanding of the human mind and its interactions in society.

This science is closely connected to the social sciences, as both fields explore how people relate to one another, develop, and mutually influence each other in different contexts.

If you are passionate about understanding how the mind works and how social dynamics shape our experience, we invite you to explore our complete collection of free psychology books.

Introduction to Psychology

Martha Lally and Suzanne Valentine-French

Cognitive psychology

College of the Canyons

Principles of Social Psychology

Dr. Charles Stangor

Introduction to Psychology

Girma Lemma

The Human: Basic Psychological Principles

OHS Body of Knowledge

Sociology Books

Sociology is a discipline that studies human interactions, social structures, and the phenomena that shape our lives in society.

Through sociology, we can gain a better understanding of social patterns, inequalities, and the changes that occur within our communities.

If you are interested in delving deeper into this subject, we invite you to enjoy the following free sociology books in PDF format.

Introduction to Sociology 3e

Tonja R. Conerly



Introduction to Sociology

Sally Vyain, Gail Scaramuzzo, Susan Cody-Rydzew

Introduction to Sociology

Zerihun Doda, M.A.

Introduction to Sociology Textbook

Amy Traver

Anthropology Books

Anthropology is the science that studies the human being in all its dimensions. It approaches the human species as its object of study from a holistic perspective, analyzing biological, cultural, social, and environmental aspects.

Closely linked to other fields of Social Sciences, Anthropology provides important studies on cultural diversity, social structures, worldviews, and processes of change in human societies.

If you are interested in learning more about the complexity of our species and the wide range of human cultures that exist in the world, we invite you to explore the following free Anthropology books.

Introduction to Anthropology

Jennifer Hasty, David G. Lewis and Marjorie M. Snipes

The Art of Being Human - A Textbook for Cultural Anthropology

Michael Wesch

Essays in Evolutionary Cognitive Anthropology

Pascal Boyer

Introduction to Sociocultural Anthropology

Zerihun Doda, M.A.

Towards a Philosophical Anthropology of Culture

Kevin M. Cahill

Political Science Books

Political Science is the academic study of political processes and systems. It analyzes topics such as the State, government, international relations, and citizen participation.

It provides knowledge about how the phenomenon of power occurs and how various factors influence decision-making.

If you wish to deepen your understanding of how political life unfolds and the decision-making processes that shape societies, we invite you to explore our collection of free Political Science books.

American Government 3e

Glen Krutz

Basic Principles of Political Theory

Shri Venkateshwara University

Introducing democracy: 80 questions and answers

Beetham, David, Boyle, Kevin, Plantu

Political Theory

Geeta Institute of Law

Principles Of Political Economy

John Stuart Mill

Economics Books

Economics is the social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services. It analyzes how individuals and societies manage their scarce resources and make decisions under conditions of choice and uncertainty.

It is closely related to other areas of knowledge, such as Sociology, as it examines the cultural and social aspects of economic activity.

If you are interested in deepening your knowledge of the foundations of the economic system, market laws, and their social impact, we invite you to browse through our collection of free Economics books.

Principles of Economics 2e

Steven A. Greenlaw

Principles of Economics

University of Minnesota

Principles of Microeconomics 3e

David Shapiro, Daniel Macdonald and Steven A. Greenlaw

Principles of Macroeconomics 3e

David Shapiro, Daniel Macdonald and Steven A. Greenlaw

History Books

History is the science dedicated to the study of humanity’s past and the analysis of political, social, and cultural events throughout time. It allows us to understand how societies and forms of thought have evolved.

It has a strong connection with disciplines such as Anthropology, as it focuses on the customs and ways of life of human groups in different eras. It also relates to Geography in explaining the territorial context in which societies and empires developed.

If you wish to expand your knowledge about different civilizations and historical periods, we invite you to explore our collection of free History books.

Ancient Civilizations

Dr. Binod Bihari Satpathy

World History: Cultures, States, and Societies to 1500

Eugene Berger, George L. Israel, Charlotte Miller

U.S. History

P. Scott Corbett, Jay Precht

World History, Volume 1: to 1500

Ann Kordas, Ryan J. Lynch

History Wars. The Peter Ryan - manning clark controversy

Doug Munro

Pedagogy Books

Pedagogy is an applied social science that studies the processes of teaching and learning. It closely interacts with disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology.

From Psychology, it gathers contributions on cognitive and emotional development of individuals. Sociology provides key concepts such as cultural transmission and socialization. Anthropology, on the other hand, adds the component of diversity in social roles and worldviews.

If you want to learn more, we invite you to visit our complete collection of free pedagogy books in PDF format.

Classroom Management

Peace Corps

Exploring Effective Pedagogy in Primary Schools: Evidence from Research

Iram Siraj, Brenda Taggart

How Does Learning Happen?. Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years

Government of Ontario

Northwestern Principles of Inclusive Teaching

Northwestern University

Structured Pedagogy: For Real-Time Equitable Improvements in Learning Outcomes


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