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Welcome to the exciting world of Natural Sciences! If you’re curious about the beauty and secrets of the natural world that surrounds us, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Natural sciences are a fascinating field of study that focuses on understanding and exploring the phenomena and processes that occur in nature. They encompass disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics, geology, and astronomy, among others.

These disciplines help us understand how living organisms function, the chemical elements, the forces and energies present in the universe, the formation of the Earth and celestial bodies, and much more.

In this section, you will find over 15 materials, including free books and articles on natural sciences in PDF format, that will allow you to delve into the mysteries of life and the universe.

You will discover rigorous and accessible texts, written by experts in each field, that will guide you through the fundamental concepts and the latest scientific advances.

Natural Sciences books

Natural Sciences


Natural Sciences and Technology


Moral Issues in the Natural Sciences and Technologies

Chris Jones and Jurie van den Heever

Biology Books

Biology, as one of the fundamental disciplines of the natural sciences, immerses us in the study of living organisms and their interaction with the environment.

Through biology, we can understand how life functions in all its manifestations, from microscopic organisms to the most complex ecosystems.

If you wish to explore more about this fascinating subject, we invite you to visit our complete collection of free biology books. Dive into the world of life and discover the secrets that nature has to offer!

Concepts of Biology


Concepts of Biology – 1st Canadian Edition

Charles Molnar and Jane Gair

Models In Biology - History, Philosophy, and Practical Concerns

Georg Striedter

Chemistry Books

Chemistry, as a fundamental branch of the natural sciences, immerses us in the study of the composition, structure, and transformation of matter in all its forms.

From chemical elements to the reactions and processes that occur in nature, chemistry provides us with a deep understanding of how the basic components of our environment interact and relate to each other.

If you wish to explore more about this fascinating field and gain a comprehensive insight into the chemical wonders present in nature, we invite you to visit our complete collection of free chemistry books.

Organic Chemistry - A Tenth Edition

John Mcmurry


William R. Robinson

General Chemistry 1 & 2

William R. Robinson

Physics Books

Physics, as a discipline of the natural sciences, immerses us in the study of the laws and principles that govern the universe. From mechanics and thermodynamics to optics and electromagnetism, physics provides us with a deep understanding of natural phenomena and the forces that drive them.

Furthermore, physics intertwines with other branches of the natural sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and geology, to give us a holistic view of how the natural world functions.

We offer you a complete section of free physics books in PDF format where you can enjoy much more content.

College Physics 2e

Paul Peter Urone and Roger Hinrichs

Discover Physics

Benjamin Crowell

Simple Nature

Benjamin Crowell

College Physics

Paul Peter Urone and Roger Hinrichs

Astronomy Books

Astronomy immerses us in the study of celestial bodies, cosmic phenomena, and the structure of the universe. From planets and stars to galaxies and black holes, astronomy offers us a fascinating glimpse into the immensity and beauty of the cosmos.

If you wish to explore more about this exciting field and unravel the mysteries of space, we invite you to visit our complete collection of free astronomy books.

Awaken your scientific curiosity and dive into the fascinating world of astronomy and the natural sciences!

Astronomy 2e

Andrew Fraknoi and David Morrison

General Astronomy


Our solar system and other planetary systems

Elizabeth Bell and Edith Soto

Interferometry and Synthesis in Radio Astronomy

A. Richard Thompson, James M. Moran and George W. Swenson Jr.

Geology Books

Geology immerses us in the study of the Earth and the processes that have shaped our planet over millions of years.

From the formation of mountains and the erosion of landscapes to the dynamics of volcanoes and the composition of minerals, geology provides us with a deep understanding of the history and structure of the Earth.

If you wish to delve into this exciting field and uncover the secrets hidden beneath our feet, we invite you to visit our complete collection of free geology books.

Physical Geology

Steven Earle

Physical Geology - 2nd Edition.

Steven Earle

A Practical Guide to Introductory Geology

Siobhan Mcgoldrick


Milos René, Gemma Aiello and Gaafar El Bahariya

Meteorology Books

Meteorology takes us deep into the study of the atmosphere and the climatic processes that shape our environment.

From the formation of clouds and atmospheric circulation to weather patterns and extreme events, meteorology provides us with a profound understanding of the complexities and dynamics of the Earth’s atmosphere.

If you wish to explore more about this fascinating field and discover how climates and weather conditions are generated, we invite you to enjoy the following free meteorology books in PDF format.

Agricultural Meteorology and Climatology

Branislava Lalic, Josef Eitzinger, Anna Dalla Marta, Simone Orlandini, Ana Firanj Sremac and Bernhard Pacher

Basic Numerical Methods in Meteorology and Oceanography

Kristofer Doos, Peter Lundberg and Aitor Aldama Campino

Physical Geography and Natural Disasters

R. Adam Dastrup, Ma, Gisp

Introduction to Climate Science

Andreas Schmittner

Here ends our selection of free Natural Sciences books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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