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A Scandal in Bohemia by Arthur Conan Doyle [PDF]

“A Scandal in Bohemia” is a captivating masterpiece by Arthur Conan Doyle that will transport readers to an intriguing world of mystery and suspense.

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A Scandal in Bohemia in PDF

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Information A Scandal in Bohemia

  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle​​.
  • Publication Date: 1891.
  • Main Characters:
    • Sherlock Holmes: Brilliant and astute detective.
    • Dr. John Watson: Companion and narrator of Holmes’ adventures.
    • The King of Bohemia: Holmes’ client, Grand Duke of Cassel-Felstein.
    • Irene Adler: Opera singer and central figure of the scandal.
  • Brief Summary: The King of Bohemia seeks Sherlock Holmes’ help in retrieving a compromising photograph in the possession of Irene Adler, an opera singer. Holmes and Watson embark on a mission to obtain the image, but Adler proves to be a cunning and challenging adversary. Holmes’ wit and cunning are put to the test in this exciting tale full of unexpected twists.
  • Thematic Analysis: “A Scandal in Bohemia” explores themes such as deception, cunning, the power of observation, and the balance between logic and emotion. It also addresses the concept of morality and the ethical decisions that characters face in compromising situations.
  • Historical Context: In “A Scandal in Bohemia”, the story is set in Victorian London, a time when the English upper class had significant influence on society. Additionally, it reflects the era’s fascination with mysteries and detective cases, with Sherlock Holmes being one of the most iconic characters in the literature of that time.

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