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First and Last Things by H.G. Wells [PDF]

“First and Last Things” is a captivating philosophical work that explores the beliefs and convictions of acclaimed author H. G. Wells.

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Information First and Last Things

  • Author: H.G. Wells​​.
  • Publication Date: 1908.
  • Main Characters:
    • “Not applicable” (It’s a philosophical work).
  • Brief Summary: “First and Last Things” is a philosophical work written by H. G. Wells. Published in 1908, the book addresses themes such as metaphysics, belief, general conduct, and personal matters. Wells presents his thoughts and beliefs regarding human existence and the pursuit of harmony and beauty.
  • Thematic Analysis: “First and Last Things” focuses on H. G. Wells’s skepticism, his view on beliefs as positions adopted for their utility and personal satisfaction. It also explores his conception of human solidarity and his rejection of the idea of personal immortality. Additionally, it critically addresses Christianity and reflects on love, death, and life.
  • Historical Context: “First and Last Things” was written during a period of turbulence in H. G. Wells’s personal life. The author drew inspiration from his relationship with Amber Reeves, a philosophy student at the University of Cambridge. The book reflects influences from Darwinism, German thinkers, and the pragmatism of William James.