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God the Invisible King by H.G. Wells [PDF]

“God the Invisible King” is a theological work written by H. G. Wells in 1917 that challenges conventional beliefs and offers a modern view of religion.

Download “God the Invisible King” in PDF format for free now and delve into a reading that will challenge your religious conceptions and invite you to reflect.

Discover a new approach to spirituality as H. G. Wells guides you through the pages of “God the Invisible King.” Don’t miss the opportunity to explore a unique and provocative perspective on the existence of God.

God the Invisible King in PDF

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Information God the Invisible King

  • Author: H.G. Wells​​.
  • Publication Date: 1917.
  • Main Characters:
    • It is a theological treatise, therefore there are no main characters.
  • Brief Summary: “God the Invisible King” is a theological treatise published by H. G. Wells in 1917. In the book, H. G. Wells presents his own religious beliefs, distinguishing them from traditional Christianity. He explores the idea of a modern and renewed religion, without revelation or founder, and advocates for a God who embodies courage, youth, and love.
  • Thematic Analysis: In “God the Invisible King”, H. G. Wells discusses the nature of God and rejects conventional conceptions related to Him. He criticizes the doctrine of the Trinity and seeks a religion based on individual faith and service to God. The author also explores the relationship between science and religion, advocating for a transformation of the world towards theocracy.
  • Historical Context: “God the Invisible King” was published during the First World War, a period of great upheaval and trauma. Influenced by the events of the war, H. G. Wells moved away from traditional religious beliefs and sought to find a new form of spirituality and meaning in a changing world.