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The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman by H.G. Wells [PDF]

“The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman” is a captivating novel by H.G. Wells that explores Lady Harman’s moral and emotional conflicts in a loveless marriage. Immerse yourself in this thrilling story full of intrigue and revelations.

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Information The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman

  • Author: H.G. Wells​​.
  • Publication Date: 1914.
  • Main Characters:
    • Lady Harman: protagonist, faces conflicts in her marriage.
    • Sir Isaac Harman: Lady Harman’s husband.
    • George Brumley: novelist in love with Lady Harman.
  • Brief summary: “The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman” follows the life of Lady Harman, who finds herself trapped in an unhappy marriage with Sir Isaac Harman. When she meets George Brumley, a widowed novelist, her life takes an unexpected turn. As the plot unfolds, the emotional conflicts and struggles for freedom of Lady Harman are explored.
  • Thematic analysis: The novel reflects H.G. Wells’ enthusiasm for the idea of the “New Woman” and addresses themes such as the role of women in society and marital relationships. Various aspects of British society before World War I are also satirized.
  • Historical context: “The Wife of Sir Isaac Harman” was published in 1914, just before the outbreak of World War I. The novel reflects the era of change and social upheaval, as well as debates about women’s rights and the role of women in society.