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Hippias Minor by Plato [PDF]

“Hippias Minor” is a literary gem by Plato that challenges your notions of virtue and beauty.

Download a free PDF copy of “Hippias Minor” now and delve into a profound and enlightening dialogue.

Immerse yourself in the pages of “Hippias Minor” and discover how Plato will lead you to question and explore your own ideas about morality and excellence.

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Information Hippias Minor

  • Author: Plato.
  • Publication Date: Approximately in the year 386 B.C.
  • Main Characters:
    • Socrates: Philosopher.
    • Hippias of Elis: Sophist.
    • Eudicus: disciple of Hippias.
  • Brief Summary: In “Hippias Minor”, Socrates and Hippias engage in a discussion on the moral superiority between Achilles and Odysseus, challenging definitions of moral goodness and wisdom. The dialogue concludes in aporia, acknowledging Hippias’s ignorance.
  • Thematic Analysis: “Hippias Minor” explores themes such as the nature of virtue, the relationship between wisdom and moral goodness, and the pursuit of knowledge through philosophical questioning.
  • Historical Context: Written during the early stage of Plato’s production, “Hippias Minor” reflects the flourishing of Socratic thought in ancient Greece, where ethical issues were debated, and definitions of abstract concepts were explored.