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Sophist by Plato [PDF]

“The Sophist” by Plato, a classic work that challenges the mind and questions the nature of knowledge and truth.

Download and read “The Sophist” in PDF format for free and immerse yourself in a captivating philosophical dialogue that will lead you to reflect on reality and existence itself.

Don’t miss the opportunity to delve into Plato’s mind and explore the depths of human thought with “The Sophist”!

Sophist in PDF format

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Information Sophist

  • Author: Plato.
  • Publication Date: Approximately in the year 360 B.C.
  • Main Characters:
    • The Stranger: A mysterious character who guides the dialogue and poses philosophical questions.
    • The Sophist: An expert in the art of sophistry, dedicated to argumentation and rhetoric.
    • Socrates: The famous philosopher who engages in the dialogue and seeks truth through reason.
    • Theaetetus: A young disciple of Socrates who questions the nature of knowledge.
  • Brief Summary: “The Sophist” is a philosophical dialogue that addresses the question of defining the sophist and its relation to truth. Through rigorous analysis, the characters explore concepts such as appearance, reality, and the nature of being.
  • Thematic Analysis: “The Sophist” focuses on the distinction between sophistry and philosophy, raising questions about the nature of knowledge, truth, and reality. The dialogue examines the importance of logical argumentation and rhetoric in the pursuit of truth.
  • Historical Context: “The Sophist” was written by Plato, one of the most influential philosophers of Ancient Greece. Through his works, Plato sought to explore topics such as ethics, politics, and metaphysics. His dialogue “The Sophist” is situated in the period known as classical Athens, where philosophy and rational thought were thriving.