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There are innumerable processes that occur in a living organism. The study of these processes has been the key to many advances in science. To obtain basic notions in this area, we have prepared for you the collection of biochemistry books in PDF format, ready for free download.

Biochemistry owes its existence to advances in cell theory and the evolution of biology, chemistry and physics. It is a modern science, which captures great interest in the student community and has brought great discoveries to the world. In our collection of biochemistry books you will find its basic principles and concepts.

Biochemistry is the science that studies the chemical processes, at the molecular level, of living organisms. It deals with those essential components that generate life in organisms, such as proteins, nucleic acids, lipids and carbohydrates.

But it does not stop there; biochemistry has broader study objectives, such as: the relationships between components, their transformation (metabolism) and their regulation.

It is an experimental science, so it makes use of specialized techniques and instruments that allow it to access the information it needs, since it cannot be studied through the simple perception of the senses.

Within living organisms there are many processes and also innumerable changes due to causes that are not known, which leads scientists to have to experiment in a dilemma: on the one hand, they want to recreate reality as well as possible and, on the other, to exercise control.

From there, biochemistry works with four types of experiments: in vivo experiments, in vitro experiments, in situ experiments and in silico experiments. Each with its challenges, difficulties and opportunities.

Learn much more about this important discipline with our more than 20 biochemistry books in PDF format, available for immediate download in this section.

Biochemistry General

1) Fundamentals of Biochemistry


Source: Agrimoon

2) General biochemistry

Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Source: Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

3) Overview of Biomolecules

Deborah W. Louda, Associate Professor Charles E. Schmidt

Source: Florida Atlantic University

4) Biochemistry. Knowledge to Practical Applications

Ewa Zymanczyk-Duda

Source: Austin Publishing Group

5) Introduction to Biochemistry

University of Wyoming

Source: University of Wyoming

6) Biological Chemistry

MIT OpenCourseWare

Source: MIT OpenCourseWare

7) An Introduction to Biochemistry

Dr. Osama Al-Ghamdi

Source: King Saud University

Clinical Biochemistry Books

Biochemistry is a branch of science that studies the chemical composition of living organisms, with emphasis on proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nucleic acids that enter the body through the food we eat. As its scope of application has grown, ramifications have been made to facilitate its study, one of which is clinical biochemistry.

This subdivision covers everything related to the clinical laboratory, where in vitro studies of biochemical properties are performed, with a single purpose, which is to provide information for the prevention, diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of diseases.

Being such an important subject for human health, it is necessary that professionals and students make use of clinical biochemistry books, since they offer pertinent information for the good performance of this science.

8) Laboratory Procedure Manual Biochemistry Profile

Ms. Love Julian

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

9) Basic Concept of Clinical Biochemistry

Kalpana Luthra

Source: National Science Digital Library

10) The Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory the use and the requirements of laboratory

Medical, Health & Family Welfare

Source: Medical, Health & Family Welfare

11) Clinical Biochemistry

S.V. Lelevich, T.V. Popechits

Source: Grodno State Medical University

12) Clinical Biochemistry

Vladimír Bartos, Milan Dastych, Milan Dastych jr.

Source: Digitální repozitar UK

13) Clinical Chemistry

Roberta Reed

Source: Abbott Core Laboratory

14) The interpretation of clinical laboratory test results

Michael Schaer

Source: Delaware Valley Academy of Veterinary Medicine

Metabolic Biochemistry Books

Metabolic biochemistry is a branch of biochemistry that specializes in the study of the chemical basis of the molecules that make up the cells and tissues of human beings, with the aim of catalyzing the chemical reactions related to cellular metabolism, such as digestion, immunity, photosynthesis, etc.

Its main target of study is people, but it should be noted that it covers other fields, both industry and agriculture to name a few, since with the advancement of technology it has been expanding much more.

Based on this, many professionals have written books on metabolic biochemistry, with the aim of spreading the knowledge of this science, and providing a solid foundation and tools to other professionals and students of the subject.

15) Biochemistry Metabolic pathways

Gerhild van Echten-Deckert

Source: LIMES Institut

16) Biochemistry and metabolism

Goa University

Source: Goa University

17) Biochemistry and Metabolism


Source: Med-Pathway

18) Protein and amino acid metabolism

Chayanon Peerapittayamongkol

Source: Mahidol University

19) Carbohydrates Instructional Objectives

Institute for Micromanufacturing

Source: Institute for Micromanufacturing

20) Carbohydrate Metabolism

Oxford University Press

Source: Oxford University Press

21) Metabolic Pathways and Energy Metabolism

Wilson Lab York University

Source: Wilson Lab York University

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