15+ Cosmetic Chemistry Books for Free! [PDF]

The use of cosmetics is present in most people’s lives. In every home we can get hygiene, beauty and dermatological products to preserve the health and good appearance of the skin. Are you interested in this field of study? Learn everything you need with our collection of cosmetic chemistry books in PDF format, a discipline increasingly widespread as a specialization that is part of chemistry or medicine.

The interest in cosmetics is growing every day, there are many people who are interested in knowing the chemical compounds of the products used on the skin. This interest in preserving dermatological health has led to the incorporation of non-toxic compounds to this line of products. With our collection of cosmetic chemistry books you will be able to investigate this and many other aspects.

To define this discipline in a few words, we will say that it is in charge of studying the chemical compounds suitable for the elaboration of cosmetics. Currently, this science seeks to find the least toxic formulas possible, since society in general has become aware of how harmful it can be to absorb substances through the skin that threaten our well-being

The skin is of vital importance to the body’s metabolic system, as it is an important receptor organ and the largest organ in the human body. Many medical students or practicing physicians choose cosmetic chemistry as their area of specialization. Every day there is more and more enthusiasm for choosing this scientific area and we believe it is very exciting, like many health topics.

We invite you to review our more than 15 books on cosmetic chemistry in PDF format to learn more about this interesting branch of chemistry that seeks to promote the health and beauty of the human body.

Here we present our complete selection of Cosmetic Chemistry books:

Textbook of Cosmetic Formulations

Gaurav Kumar Sharma, Jayesh Gadhiya & Meenakshi Dhanawat

Cosmetics Chemistry Module

Geraldine Mooney Simmie

An Extensive Review of Cosmetics in Use

AK Mohiuddin

Potential Hidden Dangers of Personal Care Products (Presentation)

Kate Winnebeck

Determination of the Stability of Cosmetic Formulations with Incorporation of Natural Products

Amira Bouranen

Welcome to the Industry: Terms, Tools and Tips

International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists

Cosmetics Containing Ingredients Linked to Cancer or Reproductive Harm

Paula I. Johnson, Amy M. Le, Barbara Materna

Guidelines for the Safety Assessment of a Cosmetic Product

Health Sciences Authority

Cosmetics in use: a Pharmacological Review

Mohiuddin AK

The Science and Marketing of Cosmetics (Presentation)

Dr. Maria Labedzka

Cosmetics Europe: Guidelines on Stability Testing of Cosmetic Products

Cosmetics Europe

Sustainability, natural and organic cosmetics: consumer, products, efficacy, toxicological and regulatory considerations

Bruno Fonseca-Santos, Marcos Antonio Corrêa, Marlus Chorilli

Adverse Reactions to Cosmetics and Methods of Testing

P. K. Nigam

The Chemistry of Cosmetics (Article)

Rebecca Swabey and Melanie Veltman

Natural and Organic Cosmetics: Definition and Concepts (Article)

Cleber Barros and Rosana Bevenuto Guilhen Barros

Herbal Cosmetics and Cosmeceuticals: An Overview (Article)

Laxmi S. Joshi and Harshal A. Pawar

Cosmetics and its Health Risks (Article)

Jonathas Xavier Pereira & Thaís Canuto Pereira

Cosmetic Chemistry (Article)

The University of Toledo

Here ends our selection of free Cosmetic Chemistry books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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