15+ Physical Chemistry Books for Free! [PDF]

The study of matter has contributed much to humanity. Thanks to sciences such as physics and chemistry we have advanced in subjects such as energy, engineering and electronics, among many others. Now, with our collection of physical chemistry books in PDF format you have the possibility to learn about these crucial disciplines for the planet.

And the fact is that physical chemistry is supported by several areas or disciplines, which makes it complex in its study. Among them are thermodynamics, chemical biophysics, electrochemistry, quantum mechanics and chemical kinetics. You will discover all this with our selection of physical chemistry books.

We can define physical chemistry as the subdiscipline of chemistry that studies the principles governing the behavior and properties of matter, both visible and non-visible, based on chemistry and physics. In other words, it studies chemical phenomena from the perspective of physics.

More specifically, it studies the interaction between two substances when mixed and their behavior. Likewise, the colligative properties of substances, such as boiling-point elevation, osmotic pressure and freezing-point depression. On the other hand, it is also responsible for studying the heat of combustion, the electrical conductivity of substances, the adsorption which measures concentrations, among others.

As physical chemistry identifies and describes the characteristics of a substance, what it is used for and what it can be used for, it is very useful for chemical engineering. It also allows us to explore the molecular nature to predict the reaction triggered and its speed. 

In the industrial sector it is also of great importance as it can establish the pH of different products, as well as the density and fats of foods and is involved in the quality control process.

Consult our collection of more than 15 physical chemistry books in PDF format. All available free of charge.

Here we present our complete selection of Physical Chemistry books:

1) Physical Chemistry I

Andrew Rosen

Source: Tufts University

2) Physical Chemistry

Dr Hasan Maridi

Source: Damietta University

3) Fundamentals of General and Physical Chemistry

J E Imanah,A O Oladebeye

Source: Open Educational Resources University of Medical Sciences

4) Physical Chemistry in Brief

Anatol Malijevsk,Josef P Nov ak,Stanislav Labik

Source: University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

5) Physical Chemistry A Practical Approach

Enrique Peacock Lopez

Source: Williams College

6) Understanding Physical Chemistry

Dor Ben Amotz

Source: Purdue University Department of Chemistry

7) Chem 322, Physical Chemistry II Lecture Notes

M Kuno

Source: Kuno Group

8) 1st Year Thermodynamic Lectures

Dr Mark R Wormald

Source: Biochemistry University of Oxford

9) Physical Chemistry (Presentation)

Dr T E Gopalakrishna Murthys

Source: Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Anantapur

10) Introduction to Physical Chemistry Lecture 7 (Article)

Wikimedia Commons

Source: Wikimedia Commons

11) From Physical Chemistry to Chemical Physics 1913-1941 (Article)

Jeremiah James

Source: The Japanese Society for the History of Chemistry

12) Physical Chemical Characteristics of Water

D B Walker,M L Brusseau,K Fitzsimmons

Source: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences University of Arizona

13) Introduction to Physical Chemistry (Presentation)

Dr Mike Lyons

Source: School of Chemistry Trinity College Dublin

14) Chemistry

Joint Entrance Examination Advanced

Source: Joint Entrance Examination Advanced

15) Chemical and Physical Properties of Crude Oil (Presentation)

Road Safety at Work

Source: Road Safety at Work

16) History and Physical Chemistry of HDPE

Lester H Gabriel

Source: Pars Ethylene Kish

Here ends our selection of free Physical Chemistry books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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