20+ Animal Coloring Books for Free! [PDF]

All manual activities are important for the overall development of children. It allows them to strengthen their motor skills, some cognitive skills, as well as to have fun and relax while learning something new. That’s what we are looking for with our collection of animal coloring books in PDF format.

To develop this type of activity it is necessary to provide the right environment so that children feel free to develop all their creativity. With our animal coloring books in PDF format, you will have the perfect material to motivate your children to learn through art.

Coloring seems like a common and simple activity, but it is crucial in the healthy growth of children. It should not be limited to the school setting, but should be incorporated as an everyday activity in the home.

This requires time and space to allow children to express themselves freely through drawing, shapes and colors. Letting them dominate the art of coloring also helps to strengthen their self-confidence and self-esteem, as long as we let them express themselves freely and to their liking.

To see children creative, bold and cognitively active it is necessary to let them express themselves in activities such as coloring. This allows them to represent the world around them, their ideas and even emotions if we learn to interpret what they draw.

Another important factor to take into account is that coloring activates both cerebral hemispheres, that is, the logical, mathematical, linguistic and concrete side when trying not to go beyond the line, to mold forms, to represent reality; on the other hand, the right hemisphere with the use of imagination, abstract thinking and art.

Enjoy the benefits of this activity by taking a look at our more than 20 animal coloring books in PDF format, which combines the magic of art with the curious world of animals that all children are curious.

Animal Coloring Books

Coloring Sheets


Sea Animals Coloring Book – Worksheets PDF


Monkey Coloring Pages


Free Frog Coloring Pages


Forest Animals Coloring Book


Stay Healthy Around Animals!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Ocean and Sea Animals Coloring Pages for Kids

Easy Peasy and Fun

Animal Printables

Bimi Boo

Coloring Book Wild Animals

Carolyn Joyce Dodds

Cartoon Animals for Coloring

Coloring is a quite entertaining activity, which sometimes serves as an anti-stress for adults who have accumulated fatigue from various circumstances, as it stimulates the brain to concentrate on a totally different exercise, thus releasing the burden, many therapists endorse this.

For this purpose, many books have been created to paint, which are quite varied, in this case we will talk about the cartoon animals for coloring, which in addition to their good drawings are a memory of our childhood.

Among the animated animals are: The Lion King, the Black Stallion, Lassie, Dumbo, Puss in Boots, the Fox and the Hound, Uncle Tiger and Uncle Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry, Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, Daffy Duck, etc.

The Lion King - Coloring Book


Peppa Pig coloring sheet

Astley Baker Davies Ltd. Entertainment One UK Ltd

Kawaii Animals for Coloring

Have you ever heard the phrase kawaii, but don’t know what it means? I confess that it has happened to me, however I can already understand its definition, and I will gladly explain it to you; the term kawaii is an adjective used by the Japanese to denote beauty or tenderness in something (entertainment, fashion, food, toys, appearance, behavior), and that’s how we Westerners take it, as a reference to the tender and beautiful.

Now, talking about the kawaii animals for coloring, we must emphasize their differences with respect to the drawings of normal animals, these have as an outstanding detail their eyes, which are usually quite big and shiny, so that the look of the animal becomes tender in the illustration.

This type of drawings is very loved by girls, who from an early age have a tendency towards beauty.


Coloring Home


Coloring Home


Coloring Home


Coloring Home



Animal Mandalas for Coloring

Painting mandalas is quite a fun activity, its attractive designs of the figures catch the attention of many people, and more and more people are taking this option to de-stress from their daily routine, and put aside their problems.

Imagine a book of animal mandalas for coloring, where you have to paint each of them, no doubt it sounds fun, and at the same time very challenging, since the amount of animals that exist is highly varied and extensive, however, it guarantees a good entertainment.

One of the benefits of painting mandalas is that it stimulates creativity, so if you have children, you can help them with this task, so that they learn art as they paint their favorite animals.

Butterfly mandala


Owl mandala


Winter owl


Jungle Animals for Coloring

Jungle animals for coloring are one of the most demanded primers that exist, and also of the most varied, reason why many children are enjoyed painting them and spend hours and hours doing it, and let’s be honest, there is nothing more beautiful when they finish painting it and run to our arms so that we can see their creation. These are moments that as parents we should value and enjoy, it is important for them to feel the approval, so as long as we can do it, go ahead.

In this type of material, you can find all kinds of animals, including: felines, mammals, flying animals, crawling animals, insects, aquatic animals of rivers, rodents, and many more.

So, if you want to contribute to your child’s artistic development, a jungle animal coloring book is an excellent option.


Coloring Home

Deer coloring page


Elephant coloring page


Giraffe coloring page


Aquatic or Sea Animals for Coloring

Within the sea world there is a great variety of animals, so many that science is still discovering new species today. Their diversity is many and quite striking, but at the same time unknown to us, since we do not have free access to that world.

For children, watching fish, sharks and whales is a lot of fun. My two-year-old enjoys it a lot on television, especially in playful activities such as painting, which stimulate their brains and help them improve their thinking through creativity.

In this sense, the aquatic or sea animal coloring materials fulfill that purpose in an excellent and very entertaining way, children will be able to paint from small fish, to big “sea monsters” like squids.

Ocean and see animals coloring pages for kids

Easy Peasy and Fun

Goldfish coloring page


Jellyfish coloring page


Manatee coloring page


Farm Animals for Coloring

In our world there is a great variety of animals, so much that they have been classified based on their structure and composition, there are marine, terrestrial, flying, crawling, amphibians, etc.

The greatest diversity is found in the terrestrial sphere, both predatory animals, as well as vegetarian animals that only graze. Of the latter are those that are considered to be cattle, and serve for human consumption. This type of animal is very attractive for children, therefore, primers have been devised so that the little ones can have fun painting them.

A simple example are the farm animals for coloring, which in addition to ensuring entertainment present a good tool that teaches them about cows, bulls, sheep, oxen, goats, and many more.





Well, this was our collection of Animal Coloring Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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