15+ Craft Books for Free! [PDF]

To give you a chance to put your creative skills into practice with your kids, we have created a collection of free craft books in PDF format, geared especially for the little ones. 

What is known as crafts refers to work done directly with the hands, either with or without the use of tools. 

This type of work, aimed at children, allows them to develop their motor skills, as well as their creativity and imagination, which is highly recommended by experts in the cognitive development of babies. 

On the other hand, by practicing this type of activity with your children, you can share quality time with them and enjoy a moment of fun and entertainment.

We invite you to consult our selection of free craft books in PDF format, so you can learn new ways of doing things, in the company of your children.

Paper-crafts Books

Download free paper craft books and resources and unleash your creativity! Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of paper crafts through our collection of free digital books.

Benefits of our free collection of paper craft books: access a wide variety of techniques and styles, with detailed instructions and inspiring photos.

Kids can also join in the fun with paper craft books. Encourage their creativity and manual dexterity as they make age-appropriate projects such as cut-out animals, masks or simple origami.

Paper Crafting (Article)

Tammie Strawser

Día de los Muertos Paper Crafts (Article)

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology

PaperCraft3D: Paper-Based 3D Modeling and Scene Fabrication

Patrick Paczkowski, Julie Dorsey, Holly Rushmeier, and Min H. Kim

Paper craft models from meshes (Article)

Idan Shatz and Ayellet Tal

Crafts with Clay or Plasticine

Discover the creativity in your hands with our clay or play dough raft crafts! Here, we offer you the opportunity to download free Crafts with clay or plasticine books and resources. 

Working with clay or plasticine is a magical experience for children. With our craft books, they will learn step-by-step techniques and tricks for molding and sculpting unique rafts. 

From smooth, curved boats to bold, fantastic ships, little explorers will develop fine motor skills and let their inventiveness soar as they immerse themselves in this exciting creative world.

Sculpting with Clay - An Introduction


Making Claymation in the Classroom

Melinda Kolk

Clay crafts (Article)


Exploring clay

Lucy Parker

DIY Kids Pack - Paper Clay


Craft Books with Recycled Materials

For those interested in encouraging their children to make creations with their own hands, and to reuse objects or materials, we have created a collection of books and resources for crafts with recycled materials in PDF format.

With fun, practical, and easy-to-make ideas, you can put into practice all your skills and those of your children, to create beautiful toys, gifts, details, and ornaments, using recycled materials. 

In the books we share with you in this opportunity, you will be able to visualize many alternatives to elaborate functional and very entertaining objects for the little ones.

Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide

The Schools Recycle Right Challenge

Trash to Treasure


Festive - Recycled Arts and Crafts Guide

Recycling near you

Recycling Crafts for Kids


Crafts and Projects Using Recycled Materials (Article)

Bord NA Mona

Sewing and Weaving Books

Discover your creativity with our extensive collection of Sewing and weaving books and resources. Immerse yourself in the world of crafts with these practical and inspiring guides, ideal for beginners and experts in the art of sewing. 

Learning to sew and weave is an enriching experience that combines skill and passion.  Our step-by-step guides will walk you through the process, building confidence in your skills and allowing you to enjoy every creative moment.

The advantages of entering the world of sewing and knitting are innumerable. In addition to the satisfaction of creating unique and personalized pieces, these crafts promote relaxation and concentration, reducing daily stress.

Raffia Corsage


Out and About Crochet Bag


Lucky Goldfish Mini Quilt


Rose Pattern Table Mat


Rose-embroidered Tote Bag


Crafts for Preschoolers Books

Our collection of free crafts for preschoolers books and resources is a valuable tool for stimulating children’s imagination and dexterity while they have fun learning.

Through hands-on activities, children enhance their fine motor, cognitive, and problem-solving skills. In addition, artistic exploration enriches their emotional expression and boosts their self-confidence.

With our books, children can embark on exciting creative adventures. From making colorful collages, through original paper crafts, to creating cute characters from recycled materials.

10 Simple Yarn Crafts for Kids eBook


Art and Craft Activity Book

Parminder Singh

Father's Day Fisherman Bear TP Roll Craft


Leaf animals - Fox (Article)


Christmas Craft Books

To make the most of one of the most beautiful times of the year, we have created a very complete and varied set of books and resources for Christmas crafts in PDF format.

With the idea of making decorations for your home together with your children, or to surprise everyone with beautiful Christmas gifts, we have consolidated the best Christmas crafts texts. 

By consulting our books you will be able to create a unique and original atmosphere with the help of the little ones of the house, making ornamental and traditional Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Spinner

the pyjama foundation

Christmas Crafts

Jill Kayser

Spiral Christmas Tree Ornaments (article)

kids craft room

Christmas Decorations


festive crafts - Christmas tree topper


Reindeer Mask


Finger puppet


Craft Books for Mother’s Day

One of the most celebrated moments for everyone deserves a special gift, that is why we have created a selection of books and craft resources for Mother’s Day in PDF format.

You will have the opportunity to create with the children or the little ones, unforgettable details to give to those women who deserve all your love and care. 

By consulting our texts you will learn different ways to create a beautiful present for mothers, which will also be unique and incomparable since it was created with love and with your own hands.

Mother’s Day Flower Craft


Mother’s Day Projects

the matt@home

Printable Mother's Day Coupons

Clementine creative

Paper heart flower craft


Mother’s Day Origami Flower Craft


Craft Books for Father’s Day

Another day of great importance is Father’s Day, and so that you can spend time with your children while creating beautiful details, we bring you a series of books and craft resources for Father’s Day in PDF format.

With different resources, tools, and ideas, we have condensed a set of texts that will serve as a guide for you and your children to create the perfect gift for all the fathers in the family. 

From cards to ties and much more, these are some of the creations you can make with the help of the books we share with you in our virtual library.

Craft Idea “Framed Handprint”


Dad String Art


I Love You to Pieces Picture Frame


Father's Day Pop-Up Card


Superhero Father's Day Gift


Well, this was our collection of Craft Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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