35+ Riddle Books for Free! [PDF]

With the aim of delighting our readers who enjoy mental challenges, we have created a collection of free riddle books in PDF format.

Riddles are a type of puzzle with a statement that is usually presented in an attractive and sometimes humorous rhyme. They are nothing more than enigmas with varying levels of difficulty.

These riddles describe something indirectly or with certain coding, presenting a challenge to individuals who must guess the correct answer.

Although they are primarily aimed at an educational audience of children, there are also riddles created for adult minds.

To ensure you have fun with your little ones, friends, family, and loved ones, we are sharing with you a diverse selection of over 35 free riddles in PDF format.

Popular Riddles for Children

Popular children’s riddles are a fun and educational way to stimulate the minds of kids while they enjoy solving puzzles and riddles.

These brief and creative questions, often rhyming, challenge the imagination of little ones by presenting mysterious situations or descriptions that require sharpness and observation to be solved.

Children’s riddles are not only an entertaining activity but also a valuable tool for cognitive and linguistic development in children.

Funny Riddles


Riddles for Kids


What am I - Riddles


Halloween Riddles


Best Riddles


Fruit and Vegetables - Riddles


funny riddles for kids

Thats dads coffee

4th ofJuly Riddles


Music Riddles


30 Riddles and Brain Teasers for Kids

Frugal fun 4 boys

43 Awesome Riddles for Kids [+ Answers]




Riddles of Animals for Children

In this exciting journey, we will explore riddles that take us to the animal kingdom, where each clue and each answer bring us closer to discovering our furry, feathered, scaly, and more friends.

In these animal riddles for children, they will find a fun way to learn about different animal species, their unique characteristics, and behaviors.

Through the solving of puzzles, curiosity is awakened, observational skills are strengthened, and love and respect for the living beings that share our planet are fostered.

Riddles About Animals In Gardens


Animal Riddles


20 Riddles About Animals


Animal Riddles


Numerical Riddles for Children

Numerical riddles for children are a fun and educational game that stimulates the minds of children, helping them develop mathematical skills in a playful manner.

Imagine a place where numbers hide behind clever clues, inviting little ones to decipher their secrets. These riddles encourage logical thinking and problem-solving.

Each number becomes a mysterious character waiting to be discovered. Will you be able to unravel the enigma hidden behind these figures?

A Collection Of Math Riddles

Henry Adams

Math Riddles


Level 1 - Calculation riddles


Guess the Number! Math Riddle


Maths Riddles


Number Riddles


Place Value Riddles 1A

Math - salamander

Place Value Riddles 1B

Math - salamander

Place Value Riddles 1C

Math - salamander

Logical Riddles for Children

Logical riddles for children are a fun and educational way to stimulate the minds of children while developing critical and logical thinking skills.

These clever questions challenge the minds of little ones, fostering creativity and deductive reasoning.

Through wordplay and clever clues, riddles invite them to think beyond the obvious and solve puzzles in an entertaining way.

Logic Riddles


7 Super Fun Math Logic Puzzles For Kids

Mashup Math

Math and Logic Puzzles


Basic 1 - Logic Puzzle


Basic 2 - Logic Puzzle


Catsin Spring - Logic Puzzle


The Bike Race - Logic Puzzle


Wind Logic Puzzles


Logic Grid Puzzles

Princeton friends school

Logic Riddles for Kids


Fruit Riddles for Children

And who dares to discover the name of the fruit? Get ready for a show where imagination takes center stage, and each answer

Fruit riddles for children are the great springboard into a world where words blend with aromas, and fun is as refreshing as a watermelon in summer.

Get ready to discover each answer to the fruit riddles for children!

Food Riddles


40 Food Riddles


Fourteen Fruit Riddles


Food riddles


Fruit Riddles


Fruit and Vegetable Riddle Challenge


Well, this was our collection of Riddle Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and find your next book!

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