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Civil Law is linked to the regulation of relationships between people and property, essential for the proper functioning of any society. With our library of books on Civil Law in PDF format, you will be able to study this interesting branch of law, downloading them with a click and for free.

The selection was made with all those readers interested in civil law in mind, regardless of the reason for their intention. Whether you are dedicated to study it formally or you want to know how it works for personal purposes, our collection of civil law books will be of great use to you.

When we speak of civil law, we refer to the legal principles and rules that regulate the personal and property relations of human beings, regardless of whether they are natural or juridical. As any other branch of law, its main objective is to preserve the social order at different levels.

Civil law contains some divisions referring to the law of persons, family, property and contractual documents, always in relation to a natural or legal figure. Aspects such as identity, marital status, marital relations, family relations and contractual relations have to do with civil law.

The establishment of fair agreements will be the result that will always be sought from civil law. Hence, one of the fundamental factors is the mediation of conflicts, adhering strictly to the legal and juridical structure of the territory where the case is being dealt with.

This part of the law, as well as the rest, preserves the rights of each person without discriminating social and economic condition, race, beliefs, religion, sexual orientation or political ideology. In honor of individual freedom, we also make available to all our readers our collection of more than 20 Civil Law books in PDF format. We don’t care about your search purpose; we just hope you get to quench your thirst for knowledge.

Civil Law Books

The general principles of civil law: their nature, roles and legitimacy

Martijn W. Hesselink

Lecture notes on the introduction to private/civil law

Gábor Péter Palásti

Introduction to the Civil Law System

Hiroshi Matsuo

The Advantages of the Civil Law Judicial Design as the Model for Emerging Legal Systems

Charles H. Koch Jr

Intro to civil law legal systems

Scott N. Carlson

Understanding the Civil Law Tradition

P. G. Monateri

Amici Curiae in Civil Law Jurisdictions

The Yale Law Journal

Civil Law and Criminal Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2020

Various authors

Civil Law Convention on Corruption

Council of Europe

Civil Procedure and Civil Law Glossary (Article)

Various authors

Contemporary Legal Cultures: Civil Law (Presentation)

Uniwersytet Wroclawski

Civil Law and Common Law Books

Civil law is the branch of private law that usually regulates private or civil relationships between persons.

Common Law, also known as judicial precedent, is a source of law. That is, they are legal rules that, although not written, are complied with, since they are based on legal precedents. 

For more information on these two types of laws, you can consult the Civil Law and Common Law books.

The Quality of Law in Civil Code and Common Law Regimes: Judicial Incentives, Legal Human Capital and the Evolution of Law

Gillian K. Hadfield

Common Law and Civil Law Traditions

Dr. Vivienne O’Connor

Common Law and Civil Law: An Elementary Comparison

Max Rheinstein

Civil law influences on the common law. Some reflections on Comparative and Contrastive law

Jerome Frank

Common-Law Courts in a Civil-Law System: The Role of United States Federal Courts in Interpreting the Constitution and Laws

Antonin Scalia

The Features of the Impact of the Civil and Common Law Traditions Vis-À-Vis The Sources of International Law

Taron Simonyan

The Common Law and Civil Law Traditions

Various authors

Comparative Legal Traditions - Introducing the Common Law to Civil Lawyers in Asia (Article)

Margaret Fordham

European and American Civil Law Books

Civil law in both the European and American continents has the same functions or definition in general terms. However, some rules and laws are different.

The European continent has established certain laws that do not apply or do not exist in the American continent, and vice versa. Therefore, in order to fulfill or practice both laws, one must know and study these differences.

Everything there is to know about civil law on both continents can be found in European and American civil law books.

Civil Law’s Influence on American Constitutionalism

Thomas H. Lee

Canada’s System of Justice

Department of Justice Canada

Fiduciary Principles in European Civil Law Systems

Martin Gelter and Geneviève Helleringer

US and EU Legal Professions: Two Lawyers Separated by the Same Justice. Common Law and Civil Law Procedures Compared

Ramon Mullerat

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