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Law is a very extensive subject, so it has a large number of branches that we have dedicated ourselves to disseminate through our virtual library. On this occasion, we present to you a collection of constitutional law books in PDF format that we know you will enjoy, due to its relevant content.

Constitutional law is a fundamental key to the defense of human rights and the full development of the world’s democracies. With it you can enforce the sovereignty of countries, but also maintain the necessary limits, from a legal point of view, of governments. Study this interesting area of law with our constitutional law books.

But what is constitutional law? It is the branch of public law that deals with the study of the principles, laws and concepts that constitute the raison d’être of a nation-state and that are established in a magna carta or constitution. It also deals with the forms of government and the regulation of public powers, their relationship with citizens and their fundamental rights, which are provided for in the legal framework of a country.

For the application of the law, especially of the legal norm established in the constitution, constitutional law has different judicial bodies that deal with the interpretation and execution of the law, such as the Supreme Courts and its constitutional chamber.

This branch of law must guarantee the rights of citizens, regardless of the interests and wills of governments, somehow part of a defense mechanism that limits the power and gives space to the people to enjoy their freedoms.

You can consult right now more than 15 constitutional law books in PDF format ready to download easily and free of charge in any electronic device you have to read and study.

Here we present our complete selection of Constitutional Law books:

Constitutions and constitutional law

Moscow State Law University

What is a Constitution, Principles and Concepts

Elliot Bulmer

LAW 243

National open university nigeria

Constitutional Law I

Sileshi Zeyohannes,Dagnachew Asrat

Effectuating the Constitution Constitutional Law in View of Economic and Social Progress

Dr Ulrich Karpen

The Inevitable Globalization of Constitutional Law

Mark Tushnet

Modes of Constitutional Interpretation

Brandon J Murrill

What is Constitutional Interpretation

Goncalo de Almeida Ribeiro

The rule of law and the constitution a short overview

The Supreme Court of New South Wales

From Constitution to Constitutionalism A Global Framework for Legitimate Public Power Systems

Larry Cata Backer

An Introduction to Constitutional Interpretation

Gerard J Clark

Constitution Making An Introduction

Mark Tushnet

Constitutional Law

Emory University School of Law

The Scope of Judicial Law Making in Constitutional Law and Public Law

The Supreme Court

Why the Constitution is so Important (Article)

Parliament of South Africa

Towards a Theory of Constitutional Unamendability on the Nature and Scope of the Constitutional Amendment Powers

Yaniv Roznai

Here ends our selection of free Constitutional Law books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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