20+ International Law Books for Free! [PDF]

If you want to study International Law, you have come to the right place. We offer you our library of books on international law in PDF format, a selection of free and relevant material on the subject. This subject is of public interest, since its very foundations pave the way for order and good relations among the nations of the world.

The origin of this branch of law arises along with the founding of States. The oldest international treaty that set a great precedent was the one between Mesopotamia and Ummah, around 3000 years before Christ, which sought to preserve the borders. Facts like these and many more can be enjoyed in our collection of books on international law, which is totally free to download.

Thus, international law is concerned with the regulation of relations between the various nations of the world and the use of common resources, such as the environment. We know that any philosophical foundation of law is based on harmonious relations and the establishment of an order, in this case a world-class order. To this end, a series of treaties, conventions and regulations have been created throughout history to meet this objective.

Some of the topics covered by international law may seem familiar to us, as they are of great interest to public opinion. Among them, we can mention: human rights, international crime, refugees, migration, and environmental protection, as well as trade and communications, public use of force, among many others. Everything that has relevance on the planet.

The United Nations, today, is in charge of promoting respect for international treaties and from there other institutions have emerged whose objective is always to maintain world peace. Given the relevance of the subject, we invite you to consult the more than 20 books of international law in PDF format, which we assure you will be of great value for your study.

Here we present our complete selection of International Law books:

International Law Hadbook Collection of Instruments Book 1

United Nations

International Law Hadbook Collection of Instruments Book 2

United Nations

International Law Hadbook Collection of Instruments Book 3

United Nations

International Law Hadbook Collection of Instruments Book 4

United Nations

Benchbook on International Law

Diane Marie Amann ed.

Protecting Education in Insecurity and Armed Conflict

Kristin Hausler, Nicole Urban, Robert McCorquodale

International Humanitarian Law

International Committee of the Red Cross

International Environmental Law

Dan Bodansky

International Environmental Law

UN Environment Programme

International Human Rights Law

Marci Hoffman

Public International Law

M. S. Rama Rao

Introduction to Public International Law (Presentation)

Marta Statkiewicz

International Humanitarian Law and the Law of Armed Conflic

Mr. Antoine A. Bouvier

ABC of International Law

Federal Deparment of Foreign Affairs FDFA

Researching Public International Law

Kelly Vinopal

International Human Rights Law

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

The Role of International Law

Stephen P. Marks, Beate Rudolf, Koen De Feyter

Sources of International Law - Scope and Application

Christoph Schreuer

Introduction to International Law

Robert Beckman and Dagmar Butte

Private International Law

Don Ford

New Directions in Private International Law

David P. Stewart

What is International Humanitarian Law? (Article)

International Committee of the Red Cross

Here ends our selection of free International Law books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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