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Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

The book Crime and Punishment published in 1866 is a novel written by Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He was one of the leading writers of Tsarist Russia. Here you can download a copy of Crime and Punishment in PDF.

Dostoyevsky was one of the most emblematic authors of psychological novels. In each one he explores in depth the psychological traits of his protagonists, bringing to light their disturbances, anxieties and desires.

Crime and Punishment is a novel that contains a crime, but this is not the most shocking thing, but the reasoning that the protagonist, Raskolnikov, lets us see about murder and how it can be “useful” for certain men.

Raskolnikov’s inner world has been the subject of study of millions of readers and literary critics since the publication of Crime and Punishment, and the internal and external dialogues that are exposed there allow us to enter the dark mind of a psychopath.

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Crime and Punishment in PDF

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Summary of Crime and Punishment

Raskolnikov has abandoned his studies and is now in a pitiful financial situation, because he is not working either. He lives in the city of St. Petersburg in a boarding house.

The room is rented from an older woman, who is a loan shark and charges high interest rates to her clients. She could be considered a loan shark and her way of obtaining money is illegal.

In addition to this, the old woman has treated Raskolnikov’s younger sister badly and this makes him hate her even more. The young man begins to feel an unbearable contempt for his matchmaker, but additionally, he constantly feels disgust for life in general.

Although he lives in misery, a situation that prevents him from being everything he wants, Raskolnikov feels he is destined for great things.

Then, a moral reflection arises in him that any act considered illegal or criminal could be justified if it helps him to develop his maximum potential.

It would be the universal dilemma that many have already posed: The end justifies the means. So killing this old woman would allow him to achieve his goals, since she is partly the cause of some of his miseries.

The murder is carried out in a gruesome and bloody manner. Afterwards, Raskolnikov falls into a delirious and feverish state, although he does not seem to regret what he did either.

When it is his turn to face trial, he is irritable and constantly provokes authority, an attitude that seems to expose him.

Does Raskolnikov want to be caught and punished for the crime he committed? Undoubtedly, this novel leaves us with countless questions.

FAQ about Crime and Punishment

What is Crime and Punishment about?

Crime and Punishment is about criminal acts and an insight into the psychology of a mentally deranged person.

Throughout the play we witness, from the protagonist’s perspective, how his life unfolds from the day he kills an elderly woman who rents a room from him.

Raskolnikov wants to test his theory that superior men are justified in their actions, even if they are outside the law.

What happens in Crime and Punishment?

The most important fact is the crime of the old loan shark that unleashes a whole moral theory about whether the end justifies the means.

The woman, according to Raskolnikov, was a parasite of society who only took advantage of others. Why would it have been wrong to get rid of someone like her?

What is Raskolnikov’s illness?

Raskolnikov is a character with a complex psychology. It could be said that he is mentally ill, as he suffers from a kind of psychopathy that makes him see reality in a distorted way.

He has obsessive thinking and, to some critics, has a schizoid personality disorder.

What is the importance of Crime and Punishment in literature?

Crime and Punishment is a classic of Russian and world literature. With it the author develops the features of a psychological novel that explores moral dilemmas of complex resolution.

It raises issues such as the limits of freedom, the justification of the means by the end and the questioning of the mind that observes reality.