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In the Hindu tradition, this is considered the first written poem. It is one of the most relevant epics of Hinduism and here you can download a copy of Ramayana in PDF format.

The authorship of this epic poem was attributed to Valmiki, considered the first poet and creator of poetry in ancient India.

It is not known exactly, but its origins are recorded in the fourth century BC and it is considered a smiriti (text inherited from tradition and not dictated by a divinity). It is written in Sanskrit and contains some 24,000 verses.

The Ramayana narrates the adventures of Rama, the reincarnation of Vishnu and representative of goodness, courage, struggle, strength, and justice.

During the entertaining narrative, Rama embarks on a war against the asuras, who represent evil.

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Ramayana in PDF format

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Summary of Ramayana

King Dashratha has 3 wives and is the father of four sons: Rama, Bhárata, Shatrughna, and Laxmana. Rama is the eldest of them all and the most appreciated by the court and the city, due to his good values.

A sage comes to the Palace to ask for Rama’s help, as there is a demon that prevents him from carrying out his sacrifices (to the gods) and prayers.

Rama and his brother Laxmana, even though they are very young, win the battle against the demons.

When they return home, both go through different vicissitudes and, in addition, Rama wins the love of Princess Sita, daughter of King Jánaka.

Seeing how well Rama is doing and the affection he arouses in everyone, his father, King Dashratha, decides it is time to leave the throne to his son and retire to the forest in search of his spiritual freedom.

However, one of his wives, Bhárata’s mother, full of resentment and jealousy, asks him to grant her one wish, since Dashratha had once promised to fulfill two wishes. She then asks him to banish Rama to the forest and make Bhárata king.

Dashratha’s moral dilemma soon arose, for his conscience told him that he should be Rama the king, but he should keep his promise to his wife. Finally, he decides to please her.

Rama accepts his destiny and leaves with Sita for the forest. When Bhárata learns of the lowly way in which he was made king, he renounces the throne and sets out in search of his brother.

Upon meeting him, he tells him the whole situation, but Rama does not agree to reign and gives his blessing to Bhárata to do so.

Before the firmness of the decision of his brother, Bhárata receives the throne again, but not before taking the sandals of Rama so that in some way he has a place in his reign.

Some years go by and the demoness Surpanaka falls in love with Rama one day when she sees him in the forest, he rejects her and suggests she looks for his brother Bhárata, who is still single, but he also rejects her.

Suparnaka’s fury led her to conspire with her brother and they both kidnap Sita.

Thus began a war for the rescue of Sita and the social condemnation of the people who doubted her purity after spending years in captivity by the demons.

FAQ about Ramayana

What does the book of Ramayana narrate?

Ramayana is an epic that narrates the vicissitudes of Rama, the eldest son of King Dashratha. Rama is a man who represents all that is good, as he is just, strong and brave.

His father also believes it and wants to inherit the throne, but the problems and obstacles for Rama are not long in coming.

What is the importance of Ramayana?

The importance of the Ramayana is its great influence on Sanskrit poetry, as it contained sloka metrics, an innovation at the time it was written.

Moreover, the fact that it contains teachings relevant to Indian culture makes it a landmark work for that country.

Who is the hero of Ramayana?

The hero of the Ramayana is Rama, who, because of his high moral principles, always wins every battle that comes his way.

And although he had a destiny that was not always pleasant, he managed to accept it until the end of his days.

What kind of genre is Ramayana?

It is an epic or epic poem, which is characterized by narrating in verse or prose the transcendental events of a particular community or people.

The actions are carried out by a hero who represents the highest values of that society.