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Introduction to Law Books

Reading is an unparalleled source of information covering topics of all aspects. We know very well how valuable books are, and how invaluable free books are.

That is why we are dedicated to share with our readers, texts that can be very useful, and this time we share with you a select list of books on Introduction to Law in PDF.

Since Law is such a complex subject that concerns all of us who live in society, we have compiled a set of books in pdf format, so that you can access all the information you require.

The set of legal and general rules that we know as Law, is the script that tells the members of a society, how they should act in certain situations.

This set of rules is mandatorily imposed by the State, and non-compliance may result in a sanction of different categories, depending on the seriousness of the infraction.

The rules defined are diverse, as well as the components or actors involved in the different legal scenarios that may exist. Law is a whole universe of information and knowledge, which you can obtain by accessing the books on Introduction to Law for free that we present in our list.

We have compiled more than 15 books in PDF format that give you a very didactic and complete Introduction to Law. But as if this were not enough, we have also included books in Spanish and Portuguese in case you are interested in studying the subject in another language.

These books have been granted for free distribution or are in the public domain, so they can be used without any inconvenience and are fully available for whenever you want.

Read. Learn. Grow.

Here we present our complete selection of Introduction to Law books:

#1. Introduction to Law author Tesfaye Abate | Source: Ethiopian Legal Brief
#2. Introduction to International Law School 2020 author Jorge Viñuales | Source: Welcome to the United Nations
#3. Introduction to Law and Economics author Robert Cooter y Thomas Ulen | Source: Montevideo University
#4. Introduction to Law and Legal Reasoning author Fayetteville State University | Source: Fayetteville State University
#5. Essential Study Skills for Law Students author The Routledge Law Team | Source: Routledge & CRC Press
#6. What Law Is? An Introduction to Law (Power Point Presentation) author Dr. M. Teresa Garcia-Berrio H. | Source: Universidad Complutense de Madrid
#7. Legal glossary author Victoria Law Foundation | Source: Victoria Law Foundation
#8. Introduction to Law and Legal Language author Faculty of Law | Source: University of Wroclaw
#9. Introduction to Law author Yes Academy | Source: Yes Academy
#10. Foundations of Law author Rhodes University | Source: Rhodes University


#11. Introduction to Law Merchant author Goingtopeace.com | Source: Goingtopeace.com
#12. The A to Z guide to legal phrases author Plain English Campaign | Source: Plain English Campaign
#13. Theories of Law author Professor Roscoe Pound | Source: CORE
#14. Legal Glossary author California State Portal | Source: California State Portal
#15. Introduction to Law author Chronoflex | Source: Chronoflex
#16. Introduction to American Legal System author Northwestern University | Source: Northwestern University
#17. Introduction to the Legal System author Pearson Canada | Source: Pearson Canada
#18. Introduction to Law, Basic Concepts of Law author Kretschemer Lawyer | Source: Kretschemer Lawyer
#19. The Rule of Law – A General Introduction author Nicholas Cowdery AM QC | Source: NSW Government
#20. Introduction to Law (Article) author Lawspice.com | Source: Lawspice.com

Here ends our selection of free Introduction to Law books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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