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There is a discipline where physics, engineering and technology converge, becoming very relevant in today’s world. We give you the opportunity to study its fundamental principles through our collection of electronics books in PDF format, with a wide range of options.

It is easy to say that electronics is the science of the moment, which has led us to advances unimaginable a century ago and which, every day, continues to surprise us. For this reason, we could not fail to include electronics books in PDF format to please scholars of this exciting discipline.

Electronics is a branch of physics that studies and manages systems whose basis is the flow and conduction of electrons in the vacuum and in matter. Other disciplines such as computer science and telecommunications constantly use electronics to make possible an effective data processing.

At the same time, electronics has several branches, which are the following:

Analog electronics: branch of electronics that studies systems with variables that change over time and can take infinite values.

Digital electronics: branch of electronics that studies systems with variables in a defined state and that takes discrete values.

Microelectronics: branch of electronics that deals with the study and construction of electronic components of a very small size.

Nanoelectronics: branch of electronics that uses nanotechnology to treat electronic components, such as very small transistors.

Optoelectronics: branch of electronics that studies the relationship between optical systems and electronic systems.

Power Electronics: branch of electronics that deals with the transformation and control of currents and voltages of significant levels.
Learn more about the basic principles of this discipline with our more than 25 books on electronics in PDF format. Download them now for free.

Basic Electronics Books

The field of electronics is quite wide, its sphere covers all sectors of technology, both sound equipment, boards, circuits, as well as household appliances and other industrial equipment, which are of great importance.

For an amateur, the books on basic electronics will be very useful to start in this extensive world, the reader will learn essential aspects regarding this subject, such as the related theory, together with real and simple exercises, so that he/she can establish a base to deepen his/her knowledge later on.

You will learn about the use and composition of transformers, diodes, resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, transistors, etc., as well as an understanding of ohm’s law, voltage and current.

Basic electronics Student Handbook

Central Board of Secondary Education

Basic Electronics

VSSUT: Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology

Class Notes of Basic Electronics Engineering

National Informatics Centre

Basic Electronics

Colin Mitchell

Basic Electronics (presentation)

NYU Tandon School of Engineering

An Introduction to Basic Electronics (presentation)

Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Bombay

Books on Analog and Digital Electronics

Electronics is the science in charge of studying the phenomena related to the transport of electric charge in natural environments, as well as the research and construction of devices, circuits and systems based on them; in this sense it is divided into two branches of great importance.

The first one is analog electronics, which is in charge of the continuous variables, which serve to modify the behavior of the circuits, and the second one is digital electronics, in charge of the discrete variables, which do not modify the behavior of the circuits.

Considering this difference, it is important that students or professionals in the field consult the books on analog and digital electronics to have a better knowledge.

Digital electronics lecture notes

Walid K. Hamoudei

Digital Electronics Student Handbook

Central Board of Secondary Education

Introduction to Digital Electronics

Agner Fog

Lecture Notes for Digital Electronics

Raymond E. Frey

Digital Electronics

Learn About Electronics

Digital Electronics (presentation)

I. J. Wassell

Digital Electronics

University of Toronto

Analog Electronics

S. Srinivasa Rao, K. Mallikarjuna Lingam, R. Chinna Rao, E. Mahendar Reddy, V Shiva Rajkumar, Kln Prasad, M Anantha Guptha

Analogue Electronics Lecture Notes

S. Le Goff

Analog Electronics

Omae Oteri

Basic Analogue Electronics

Jim's Audio Pages and Websites

Lecture Notes for Analog Electronics

Raymond E. Frey

Analog Electronics - Study material

Sarat Kumar Muduli, Mahesweta Pattanaik

Power Electronics Books

Power electronics is specifically in charge of the study of electronic circuits that are destined to the exclusive control of the flow of electric energy; as its name indicates, being of power, the management of the flow of energy is much higher than in the normal circuits.

The fundamental task is the regulation, to give a simple example, in a house where there is an air conditioner, the circuit in charge will transform the electric energy from one voltage to another (220 v) with the purpose of making it work correctly without compromising the equipment and the user’s safety.

To understand more about this topic, it is necessary to consult the books on power electronics, which will provide a solid knowledge, so that you can perform these tasks without problems.

Power Electronics

Leonids Ribickis, Anastasija Zhiravecka, Dries Vanoost, Ilja Galkins

Introduction to Power Electronics


Lecture Notes on Power Electronics

VSSUT: Veer Surendra Sai University of Technology

Introduction to Power Electronics

Marc T. Thompson

Automotive Electronics Books

If you have a car, you may have visited an electrician on more than one occasion, since they are in charge of the entire electrical part of the car, which is fundamental and essential for its correct operation.

Automotive electronics, as a science, is the branch of electronics that has the task of detecting faults and performing maintenance or repair of the elements of the charging circuit, the starter, the lights and the accessories of the vehicle. To this end, the battery, alternator, starter and other electrical systems are studied.

If you are an electrician or want to learn how to fix your own car, automotive electronics books are an excellent tool for you to do so, no doubt the knowledge you acquire will help you on more than one occasion.

Automotive electrical and electronics


Automobile electrical and electronics

Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research: BIHER

Electrical Circuit Theory

Automobile electrical and electronics

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