20+ Celtic Mythology Books for Free! [PDF]

Are you interested in the mythologies of the world? Without a doubt, mythology is a very interesting subject to know the idiosyncrasies of ancient peoples. For people like you who are passionate about this topic, we have created the collection of books on Celtic Mythology in PDF format. Know their feats, heroes and gods, for free and from the comfort of your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The interest on this mythology has increased in the last years. In fact, many fiction books have been published and related films have been made with great success, such as The Lord of the Rings, whose author was partly inspired by Celtic wisdom to write the famous trilogy. In view of the growing curiosity, we decided to upload books on Celtic mythology on our website.

Celtic myths come from ancient civilizations in Ireland and Great Britain. Although they did not leave written texts, their oral tradition transcended both time and space and references could be found in Roman mythology. Also, much of the transcription of Celtic myths was done in the Middle Ages by Christian monks, to leave evidence of stories that were popularly shared and recited in the courts of the kingdom in Ireland.

Among the most successful feats among the listeners were those of King Arthur who survived together with the people in an outlaw world, victim of the most inexplicable magical events. Similarly, the king’s romances were recorded, as they were the favorites of the common people. The most outstanding symbols of Celtic mythology are those related to destruction, transformation and rebirth.

Discover the description of the beautiful Celtic landscapes and the magical stories of the ancient peoples of Ireland and Great Britain with our compilation of more than 20 books on Celtic mythology in PDF format. You will be caught up in the unusual adventures in these stories loaded with the wisdom of remote civilizations.

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Here we present our complete selection of Celtic Mythology books:

Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race

T. W. Rolleston

Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry

William Butler Yeats

The Legends Of King Arthur And His Knights

James Knowles

More Celtic Fairy Tales

Joseph Jacobs

Celtic Gods of the Iberian Peninsula

Juan Carlos Olivares Pedreño

Lexicon of the world of the Celtic gods

Dewaele Sunniva

The 'Mast' of Macha. The Celtic Irish and the War Goddess of Ireland

Angelique Gulermovich Epstein

The Enchanted Islands: A comparison of mythological traditions from Ireland and Iceland

Katarzyna Herd

Celtic Mythology in the Arthurian Legend

Lucie Duzbabová

Rhetoric of Myth, Magic, and Conversion: Ancient Irish Rhetoric

Purdue University

Daoine Sidhe: Celtic superstitions of death within Irish fairy tales featuring the Dullahan and Banshee

Marissa Harris

Becoming a shining one, an esoteric look at the Celtic fairy tradition

J Kay MacCormack

The Celtic Dragon Myth

J. F. Campbell

Gods of the Gaels

Alexander MacBain

Water and Celtic Mythology (Article)

James C. I. Dooge

Celtic Mythology. The mythology of all races (Article)

John Arnott MacCullogh

The Combat of Lug and Balor: Discourses of Power in Irish Myth and Folktale (Article)

Joan N. Radner

Celtic Death Rituals (Article)

Barry Cunliffe

Druidism: the ancient faith of Britain

Dudley Wright

The mythology and rites of the British druids

Edward Davies

Irish Myths & Legends

Eglish National School

Here ends our selection of free Celtic Mythology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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