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It is worth knowing the history of the people who marked the changes in different civilizations, peacefully or violently. For this reason, we have created an interesting selection of books about Vikings in PDF format, which we know will fascinate you.

The history of these people is full of massacres, fights, domination and conquest of territories. Their power lasted for a considerable period of time and with our collection of books about Vikings in PDF format you will be able to learn about each of the stages of their history.

The Vikings are Germanic warriors who came from the Nordic countries of Scandinavia to plunder and dominate territories. Many were navigators and carried out numerous attacks in various parts of Europe.

The beginning of the Viking era dates back to the year 793, and was marked by a particular event which was the attack on the monastery of Lindisfarne, in England. This is the first known of the innumerable that followed.

They were able to conquer many places, being protagonists of massive plundering, but also of commercial activity and colonizations. The drakkar or Viking ships became numerous and managed to master the art of navigation relatively quickly, also increasing their crew.

They crossed important rivers and seas such as the Baltic, the Black and the Caspian. They were the first Europeans to reach North America and Greenland. There is evidence that the Viking navigator Leif Erikson reached the American coasts 1000 years before Christopher Columbus.

Among the places they colonized are: Dublin (Ireland), Iceland, Greenland and Normandy, among others.

The Vikings were not only warriors, there were also traders who made exploratory voyages to bring economic activity to the places where they arrived. There were also sedentary people who dedicated themselves, above all, to agriculture. Their power declined around 1100.

Explore more about this interesting culture and part of world history by taking a look at more than 15 books about Vikings in PDF format.

Here we present our complete selection of Vikings books:


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The Vikings

Tatton Park

Norse Mythology Legends of Gods and Heroes

Peter Andreas Munch

Memorial Runestones From the Viking Age and Early Medieval Period in Norway

Annika Maria Zangenfeind

Maritime Societies of the Viking and Medieval World

James H Barrett,Sarah Jane Gibbon, Stephen H Harrison

Circular Flow of Tradition in Old Norse Religion

Andreas Nordberg

A Metallurgical Study of Some Viking Swords

Alan Williams

An Analysis of Viking Culture: Cliched Views of the English Raids and Settlements Through Modern Media

Ana Valverde Perez

I am Eagle - Depictions of Raptors and Their Meaning in the Art of Late Iron Age and Viking Age Scandinavia

Sigmund Oehrl

Norse Mythology or the Tales of North Men (Presentation)

Mythology Teacher

The European and Mediterranean World (Presentation)

Western Australian Museum

Secrets of the Viking Ships (Presentation)

David W Shaw

Viking Runes (Presentation)

Ecclesall Primary School

Petersen's Typology of Viking Swords (Presentation)

Mediaeval Sword

The Anglo Saxons and Vikings (Article)


The Most Sophisticated and Successful High Speed Ships for Their Time (Article)

Per Werenskiold

Viking Ships and Seafaring (Article)

Alan Binns

Viking Weapons (Article)

Euan Mcguire

Create Your Own Viking Rune Stone (Article)

Fulham Palace House and Garden

Here ends our selection of free Vikings books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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