15+ Hindu Mythology Books for Free! [PDF]

Are you interested in knowing the most relevant aspects of Indian culture? Then you must know its mythology, because it is the one that marks the daily life of its population. For this, we have put together a selection of books on Hindu mythology in PDF format so that you can start to satiate your hunger for knowledge.

To review our collection of books on Hindu mythology is to delve into the fascinating world of Hinduism, and it’s free. It is an excellent way to start knowing the most important principles of its doctrine, as well as the transcendental of its teachings for the life of Hindus.

Hinduism is another religion that is difficult to understand in the West. One of the reasons is the number of gods they have. But, Hindu mythology is abundant not only in deities, but also in stories of the most unlikely events. Exploits are performed between gods, demigods, creatures, demons and humans.

All myths are found in the Sanskrit literature of India, loaded with religiosity and morality. Mythology nourishes the beliefs of the people, who practice its principles and teachings, transferring them to all areas of their lives. There is no marked boundary between mythology and religion, so it would be a mistake to think that they consider their deepest spiritual beliefs as myths.

At the base of this mythology is the triad that directs the three principles of existence of the universe: Brahma (creation), Vishnu (protection and conservation) and Shiva (destruction). These are the three gods from which a long line of Hindu deities is derived. From these three principles all the stories are also developed.

We wish you to enjoy reviewing our more than 15 Hindu mythology books in PDF format to the fullest. If your subject is mythology because it is what you are passionate about studying, you cannot miss our collection.

Here we present our complete selection of Hindu Mythology books:

Hindu Gods and Goddesses


Hindu Gods

Barham Primary School

The elephant-headed god the god of wisdom

Testimonios de un Discípulo

Dancing Ganesha

The Art Institute of Chicago

Hindu Mythology

W. J. Wilkins


American Humanist Association

Color Symbolism in Hinduism

Western Oregon University

Hindutva and the Politicization of Religious Identity in India

Anuja Bose

The Essence of Hinduism a Glimpse into Hindu Chaplaincy

University of Technology Sydney

Core values of hinduism

e-PG Pathshala

Hindu God and Goddesses

Ramakrishna Math, Bull Temple Road, Bangalore

Ramayana for children

Visalakshi Gopalan

The Four Yugas - Epochs of Hinduism

Dolls of India

Shiva legends in the sacred traditions of indian tribes

Kailash Kr. Mishra

Here ends our selection of free Hindu Mythology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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