20+ Japanese Mythology Books for Free! [PDF]

If you are one of those who love everything related to the culture of Japan, you will love our collection of Japanese Mythology PDF books. Although it is not as popular as others, it is very interesting and fulfills the function of unraveling the beliefs and part of the history of this important nation.

Since about a decade ago, the fascination of new generations for Japanese culture, especially anime, has grown and does not seem to stop. Japan is a country of incredible history, with a culture abundant in rituals and traditions unique in the world. This inspired us to upload a group of books on Japanese mythology, which add one more point to the understanding and study of its idiosyncrasies.

Japanese mythology, although complex and a bit complicated to understand for the Western world, is not very different from other mythologies. As in others, its myths tell stories related to creation, destruction, death, rebirth, love and revenge. It is also full of descriptions of nature, creatures, animals, the dead and ghosts.

Polytheism emerged in Japan in the historical period called “Yayoi”, from which interesting religious influences came. Subsequently, the order was given to make records of its history and myths, which basically resulted in 3 books. These were the Kojiki, the Nihon Shoki and the Shintoshu. All three were written in Chinese and Japanese, loaded with the influence of Shinto and Buddhism. It is thanks to these works that today we can enjoy this great cultural treasure for the world.

Don’t miss our more than 20 books on Japanese mythology in PDF format, available for free and that you can quickly download to read. You can do it from the comfort of your home, and read about these interesting myths at any time through your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Japanese Mythology books:

1) Japanese Demon Lore

Noriko T. Reider

2) Myths & Legends Of Japan

F. Hadland Davis

3) Shinto The Ancient Religion of Japan

Aston C.M.G. Dlit

4) Soul of Japan

Ise Jingu

5) The Myth of the Descent of the Heavenly Grandson

Takeshi Matsumae

6) Supernatural Abductions in Japanese Folklore

Carmen Blacker

7) Mythology Marchesto Modernity Yokai In contemporary Japan

Heikki Isohanni

8) Yamauba and Oni-Women

Noriko Reider

9) Japanese Mythology: From Traditional Theatre Forms to Contemporary Popular Cinema

Frank Bishop, B.A.

10) The Vedic Gods of Japan

Subhash Kak

11) Japanese Festivals Throughout the Year


12) Japanese Myths of Descent from Heaven and Their Korean Parallels

Obayashi Taryo

13) The Ritual Significance of Purification Practices in Japan

Carmen Sapunaru Tamas

14) Transformation of the Oni From the Frightening and Diabolical to the Cute and Sexy

Noriko T. Reider

15) Yamato: Glossary & Characters

University of California, Berkeley

16) Shaping Darkness in hyakki yagyo emaki

Raluca Nicolae

17) Origin and Growth of the Worship of Amaterasu

Matsumae Takeshi

18) Sacred Mountains Where Being of Kami is Found

Kazuyuki Yano

19) Japanese Myths in Modern Nationalism

Renata Iwicka

20) Japanese Mythology and Nationalism: Myths of genesis, Japanese identity, and Familism (Article)

Merin Sever, Istanbul University, Turkey

21) Kunisaki - where oni and Buddhas coexist as one (Article)

Rokugo Manzan Japan heritage Promotion Council

22) Japanese Creation

The Big Myth

Here ends our selection of free Japanese Mythology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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