15+ Chinese Mythology Books for Free! [PDF]

China has an incredible history and, along with it, a mythology full of amazing creatures and fascinating stories.

That’s why we have put together a compendium of Chinese Mythology books in PDF format so that you can enjoy its long religious tradition, with different influences, and that we are sure will instantly grab you.

With similar traits to other Eastern mythologies, such as Japanese or Korean, and with important fusions with Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, Chinese mythology is unique.

We invite you to discover it with our Chinese mythology books, which bring together hundreds of stories from the oral and written tradition.

According to the records found by the world’s great mythologists, such as the Shui Jing Zhu and the Shan Hai Jing, Chinese mythology has been developed since the 12th century B.C. However, the transmission of the stories was done orally for about 1000 years.

One of its most outstanding characteristics is the appearance of numerous magical creatures, among which dragons stand out. Birds, tigers and turtles also stand out.

Each species led a group of animals, according to the function they fulfilled. Likewise, there were also other types of characters such as giants and, of course, gods, among which Tam Kung (god of the sea who predicts the weather) and Zhurong (god of fire) stand out.

Like many other mythologies, Chinese mythology also explains natural phenomena through the exploits of its characters.

It tells the origin of the world, the existence of a hell and a paradise and other events that can also have an important social weight.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating religious and philosophical world of this overpopulated nation, just browse our collection of over 15 books on Chinese mythology in PDF format, available for immediate download on this website.

Here we present our complete selection of Chinese Mythology books:

The World of Chinese Mythology: An Introduction

Yang Lihui, An Deming

Taoism and the Arts of China

Stephanie Kao, Brian Hogarth and Stanley Murashige

Traditional Chinese


Divinity and Salvation: The Great Goddesses of China

Lee Irwin

Shamanism and Chinese Goddesses Xi wangmu and Nugua

Linda Anett Lindgren

Understanding Chinese Culture and Communication: The Yin Yang Approach

Tony Fang

Ritual, Mimesis and the Animal World in Early China

Roel Sterckx,Joseph Needham

The Dog as a Metaphor or Symbol in Chinese Popular Phraseology

Henrieta Hatalova

Lu Xun's Old Tales Retold Reveals Power in Ancient Chinese Mythology

Laura Belle Kearns

Nakhi Tiger Myth in its Context

Bai Gengsheng

Myths of Yu the Great


Far Eastern Fox Lore

T W Johnson

Chinese Mythology: Dragons and Their Importance (Article)

Willow C

Nuwa A Goddessin Chinese Mythology (Article)

Wikimedia Commons

An Anthology of Sources on Chinese Mythology (Article)

Whalen Lai

Four Imagination Matrices of Chinese Myth (Article)

Zhao Cheng xin

The Unique Values of Chinese Traditional Cultural Time Orientation: In Comparison with Western Cultural Time Orientation (Article)

Mengyu Li

Chinese Mythology (Presentation)

Andy R,Kyle A

Here ends our selection of free Chinese Mythology books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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