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Emma by Jane Austen

In this novel, Jane Austen uses humor to show the dangers of misconceiving love. All of Austen’s work is recommended, so you can download a copy of Emma in PDF format right here.

This is, if you will, a different novel by the author. The heroine will have to go through a path that will make her see her mistakes. Jane Austen was aware that Emma, as a character, would not be liked by most.

It was published in 1815 and can be said to be a Regency period work, like the rest of Austen’s novels.

The confusion caused by Emma, her lack of correct judgment, and her determination to be a matchmaker lead her to discover her own truth.

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Summary of Emma

Emma has it all. She is beautiful, intelligent, and wealthy, yet, like many young women who seem to lack for nothing, she is bored and seeks entertainment in the lives of others.

Her father, a hypochondriac man with quite a few limitations of judgment as well, has taken it upon himself to spoil her and support her unconditionally. This makes him incapable of making amends for her mistakes.

Miss Taylor, Emma’s governess, decides to marry, leaving the wealthy young woman alone and somewhat empty.

Unable to confront her own feelings, Emma instead focuses on believing that Miss Taylor’s marriage was thanks to her for introducing her to her future husband.

This is how she decides to become a matchmaker because if she had done so well in this case, she would continue to succeed with her new skill.

Knightley is her brother-in-law (brother of her sister’s husband) and the only one who advises her not to meddle in other people’s love affairs. However, Emma ignores him and moves on with her new hobby.

She is determined to match her new friend Harriet with the vicar of the town, Mr. Elton. This is how she convinces the young girl, barely 17 years old, to refuse the marriage proposal of a wealthy farmer, Mr. Martin.

Mr. Elton turns out to be a man interested in wealthy ladies and asks Emma to marry him. She immediately rejects him and has no choice but to disenchant Harriet from the idea of marrying Elton.

Frank Churchill makes an appearance in town and Emma has been interested in him for some time. Also appearing is the character of Jane Fairfax, a beautiful and elegant young woman, adopted by Colonel Campbell, who is about to become a governess.

Emma does not like Jane and feels a certain envy towards her. From then on, she sets out on a mission to find fault with her. This leads her to come to the wildest conclusions and to create countless entanglements.

Finally, the whole tangle woven by Emma is unraveled by Knightley’s sensible intervention.

FAQ about Emma

What features stand out in Emma?

Emma is a spoiled, beautiful and very rich girl. However, she lacks something very important: good judgment. She will try, in an arrogant and totally unrealistic way, to match people to get married.

This leads her to intervene in matters that are none of her business and to generate countless entanglements that will make her crash against herself.

Where can I watch Emma by Jane Austen?

There have been several audiovisual adaptations of this Jane Austen novel. Among the most famous are: Emma (film, 1996), Emma (BBC Mini series, 2009), Emma (HBO Movie, 2020).

All have received good reviews, as they are adaptations that seek to be faithful to the book, although perhaps the riskiest is 2020.

How does Emma by Jane Austen end?

Knightley has a discussion with Emma where he makes her see all her mistakes and misjudgments. She comes to her senses and regrets her behavior. He also confronts his own feelings and when Knightley asks her to marry him, she happily accepts.

What is Emma’s message?

Adulthood is synonymous with responsibility, prudence and wisdom. This is the lesson Emma has had to learn, after all the confusion she generated around her by trying to match people who didn’t ask her to. In this novel we witness Emma’s path to adulthood.