15+ Chinese History Books for Free! [PDF]

We delve into the history of one of the oldest nations in the world with this collection of books on the history of China in PDF format that we have created for our community. There are over 3,000 years of documented events worth studying.

As we have already mentioned, China is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. It begins in the Shang dynasty (1600 – 1046 BC). Before this period, the background is based on legends and some prehistoric evidence. Learn about all its phases by taking a look at these books on the history of China in PDF format.

The history of China can be divided into the following stages (with verifiable data):

Ancient China (1600 BC – 221 BC): began around the Yellow River during the Shang era, spreading as the Bronze Age culture reached its peak. China expanded in territory and population later in the feudal era. This stage culminated in its fracture into warring kingdoms.

Imperial China: marked by the union of kingdoms. These were times in which peace reigned and Chinese civilization was established, although this changed later with the conquests. The Qing and Han dynasties dominated this period.

Chinese Middle Ages: with the culmination of the Han dynasty, China again fractured into three kingdoms, until the rise of the Jin dynasty, which did not last long, to give way to the fracturing of the Northern and Southern dynasties.

Final Dynasty and Renaissance: The imperial social system is maintained and the last two dynasties develop: Ming and Qing.

The era of the Republic of China (1912-1949): The 1911 revolution overthrew the Qing dynasty, but civil war raged for many decades.

Modern China (1949-today): The People’s Republic of China is founded and communism is established. Since 1978 the growth of this nation has been remarkable, from an economic point of view.

Get to know in more detail all the events of this country, studying with the more than 15 books on the history of China in PDF format that we have gathered for you.

Here we present our complete selection of Chinese History books:



Chinese Civilization

Lucknow University

Historical Instances of Innovative Accounting Practices in the Chinese Dynasties and Beyond

Maxwell Aiken,Wei Lu

China Defensive

John W Mountcastle

War and Historical China: Problematizing Unification and Division in Chinese History

Victoria Tin bor Hui

The Pacific War and Rise of China as a Major Power

Liu Jie

Industrialization in China

Loren Brandt,Debin Ma,Thomas Rawski

China's Industrialization

LI Xiaoyung

China's Great Boom as a Historical Process

Loren Brandt,Thomas G Rawski

China's Economic Reform and Opening at Forty

Jacques Delisle,Avery Goldstein

Facts About the 17-Point Agreement Between Tibet and China

Song Liming, Claude Arpi and Michael van Walt van Praag

The Third Indochina Conflict: Cambodia's Total War

Boraden Nhem

The Mongols in World History

Columbia University

Demographic Dividend and Prospects for Economic Development in China

Feng Wang and Andrew Mason

China Overview: A Brief History of Chinese Dynasties (Presentation)

Johnston County School District

The Peace and Turmoil in Ancient China and Their Relationship with Population (Presentation)

Wang Hongsheng

The Ancient History of China (Article)

Bu Xianqun

What is Early Chinese History? (Article)

Paul R Goldin

Chinese Dynasties (Article)

Mr Farshteys Classroom

The Chinese dynastic cycle - historical and quantitative overview (Article)

Pavel Stonyov

Here ends our selection of free Chinese History books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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