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Explore the mysteries of the universe with our selection of free books on cosmology in PDF format.

Cosmology is the study of the universe as a whole, encompassing everything from the theories of the Big Bang to the large-scale structure of the cosmos, including dark energy and dark matter.

Our catalog includes texts ranging from basic introductions to advanced research, perfect for the curious, students, and experts alike.

Offering these books for free and without the need for registration facilitates access to deep and up-to-date knowledge about the universe.

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Books and Texts on Cosmology in PDF

Lecture notes: Cosmology

Luca Amendola

Lecture notes: Cosmology by Luca Amendola is an introductory resource on cosmology, covering topics such as the history of cosmology, relativity, the expanding universe, thermal processes, accelerated expansion, cosmic inflation, and linear perturbations. It provides a comprehensive overview of the subject and is relevant for those interested in studying cosmology.

Physical Cosmology

Tom Theuns

Physical Cosmology by Tom Theuns is a PDF that explores the fundamental concepts and theories in the field of cosmology. It covers topics such as the cosmological principle, the Hubble law, Friedmann equations, cosmological distances, linear and non-linear growth of cosmological perturbations, and statistical analysis of density peaks. The document provides a comprehensive overview of the current cosmological model and its agreement with observational data.


David Tong

Cosmology by David Tong is a resource for studying cosmology at an intermediate level. It provides recommended books and resources, covers topics such as the expanding universe, dynamics of spacetime, hot Big Bang, structure formation, and more. It offers clear explanations and comprehensive content.

Topics in Cosmology. Clearly Explained by Means of Simple Examples

Jaume de Haro, Emilio Elizalde

Topics in Cosmology - Clearly Explained by Means of Simple Examples by Jaume de Haro and Emilio Elizalde provides a comprehensible review of key issues in modern cosmology, using simple mathematical examples and analogies. It covers topics such as Big Bang cosmology, inflation, cosmic acceleration, and reheating.

Cosmology an Introduction

Ricardo Chávez Murillo

Cosmology An Introduction by Ricardo Chávez Murillo is an introductory guide to cosmology. It covers topics such as the expanding universe, empirical evidence, theoretical landscape, and probes of cosmic acceleration. It provides an overview of the field and explores concepts like the cosmological constant, dark energy theories, and modified gravity. The document includes appendices on cosmological field equations, the cosmic distance ladder, and statistical techniques in cosmology.

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