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Who could conceive their life today without electricity? Can you imagine that two centuries ago electricity did not exist in the eyes of the world? Our collection of electricity books in PDF format is made for those who are passionate about this trade, for whom it is much more than a means to perform their daily activities.

The electricity books we have compiled for our community of readers contain basic notions, manuals and guides for electricians or students of any profession related to electricity, including engineering, physics and technology.

With the creation of the incandescent electric light (1879), Thomas Edison marked a before and after in the world. From then on, industrial societies, which had already begun to develop with the invention of the steam engine and the railroad, would begin to develop even further.

In fact, Thomas Edison was the first to make an electric light bulb work in a more durable and safer way, because before him others had already managed to light it. Today, we already have LED lighting that is much more efficient and generates much less heat.

In physics, electricity is the branch that studies electrical phenomena. But, in its general definition, it is the phenomena that result from electric charges, their interaction and their movements. In other words, it is the force resulting from the attraction and repulsion of positive and negative charges.

There are two types of electricity: static electricity, which is obtained from friction between two or more objects. Dynamic electricity, which consists of the permanent circulation of electric charges through a conductor.

Continue deepening in these and many more concepts with our more than 20 books of electricity in PDF format, available in this section for immediate download.

Introduction to electricity

Basics of Electricity


Teach Yourself Electronics!

Ahmed Mo’nis

Basic Electronics

Colin Mitchell

Chapter 1: Electricity (Presentation)

Oakton Community College

Introduction to Electricity

New York University

Automotive Electricity Books

Automotive electricity is a totally different world from other types of electricity, such as that of houses, residences or apartments, however, the system is practically the same, connecting positive to negative, fixing the wires, etc.

The electrical system of any car is responsible for starting the starter motor, feeding the spark system and activating the lights, horn, air conditioning and other accessories, so it is of utmost importance to keep it in optimal conditions for the proper functioning of the car.

To learn more about it, the ideal is to consult the automotive electricity books, they explain in detail how the correct operation of the entire system is, so you can do on your own simple repairs on your car. This is a perfect complement to our collection of auto mechanics books.

Automotive electrical circuits and wiring

International Center for Development of Science and Technology

Unit I Introduction to Automotive Electrical Systems

Mr. A. J. Bhosale

Automotive Electrical & Electronics

Fatima Michael College of Engineering and Technology

UNIT-I Automobile electrical and electronics

Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research

Electrical Diagnostic Strategies for Today’s Vehicles


Electrical circuit theory

Toyota Technical Training

Introduction to automotive electrical and electronic system

Lunyax’s Blog

Basic Home Electricity Books

Having a house implies many responsibilities, electricity is one of them, something basic and at the same time essential, so it is necessary to learn about it. I must confess that I don’t like electricity, but after getting married I had to learn, since there are always some faults to fix.

If you are like me, I recommend that you take a look at the basic home electricity books, with which you will learn many simple and useful things for any occasion, from changing a connector to performing an electrical installation in your house.

Keep in mind that manipulating the current is very dangerous, if we do not do it in the right way we can lose our lives, or cause an explosion that could easily set the whole house on fire, etc. As you can see, these are very important reasons for us to be prepared in this regard.

Residential Wiring Guide

Manitoba Hydro

Electrical Wiring Components and Accessories

National Council of Education Research & Training

Basic Concept of House Wiring

Harminder Pal Singh

Residential Wiring and Electrical Best Practices

Strathcona County

Electricity in the home

Electrical Safety Office

Plugs and Sockets Report

Department of Consumer Affairs

Minimum provision of electrical Socket-outlets in the home (Article)

Electrical Safety First - The UK's Electrical Safety Experts

Energy Saver

Department of Energy

New Design of Socket Modules for Smart Home Applications (Article)

Monzer M. Krishan, Tariq M. Younes and Farouq M. Al-Taweel

Here ends our selection of free Electricity Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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