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Expand your horizons and delve into the mysteries of space, stars, and cosmic phenomena. Discover the fascinating interconnectedness of planets, galaxies, and the expansion of time in this exciting intellectual adventure.

From astrophysics to cosmology, you will find works covering theories, discoveries, and scientific advancements by renowned experts in the field.

Explore the wonders of the cosmos, from black holes to theories about the expansion of the universe. Each book will provide you with a deeper understanding of the secrets and laws that govern the vast universe we inhabit.

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Books and Texts on The Universe in PDF

Unraveling the secrets of the Universe


Unraveling the secrets of the Universe by CEA is a publication that explores various aspects of astrophysics and the exploration of the universe. It covers topics such as stars, stellar nurseries, supernovae, galaxies, dark matter, dark energy, and tools to probe the universe. The document provides insight into the mysteries and phenomena of the universe.

Galaxies through Space and Time


Galaxies through Space and Time by NASA is a compilation of recent discoveries and observations made by the Hubble Space Telescope regarding galaxies, from our own Milky Way to the most distant ones ever seen. It provides valuable insights into the evolution and characteristics of galaxies, shedding light on the formation and development of our universe

HS Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe

Dana Desonie

HS Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe by Dana Desonie is an educational resource that covers topics related to stars, galaxies, and the universe.

An overview of cosmology

Julien Lesgourgues

An overview of cosmology by Julien Lesgourgues is a PDF that provides an introduction to cosmology, discussing the evolution of the Universe, its composition, and the formation of structures like galaxies. It explores fundamental concepts from General Relativity and applies them to real observations and testable predictions.

The Evolution of the Universe

David L. Alles

The Evolution of the Universe, written by David L. Alles, provides insights into the scientific aspects of the universe's origin and structure. It explores cosmology, the study of the universe's evolution, and discusses key concepts such as the Big Bang, expansion of the universe, nucleosynthesis, and formation of galaxies.


Belén López Martí, Beatriz González

Galaxies by Belén López Martí and Beatriz González is a booklet that provides an overview of galaxies, their types, sizes, colors, and formation. It explains the classification of galaxies based on their shapes and discusses the parts of a spiral galaxy. The PDF also touches upon the colors of galaxies and the different stellar populations within them.

What caused the big bang?

Rem B. Edwards

What caused the Big Bang? by Rem B. Edwards is a philosophical and scientific exploration of the Big Bang theory and its implications. It discusses scientific cosmology, humanistic naturalism, steady-state and plasma cosmologies, antecedent universe cosmologies, and quantum cosmologies.

An Expanded View of the Universe

European Extremely Large Telescope

An Expanded View of the Universe by European Extremely Large Telescope is a compilation of scientific studies and discoveries related to the universe. It explores topics such as exoplanets, black holes, the birth and death of stars, and the expansion of the universe.

The Cause and Evolution of the Universe

John Auping

The Cause and Evolution of the Universe by John Auping is a book that explores the facts and myths in modern astrophysics and discusses the evolution of the universe, dark matter and dark energy, physical constants, multiverse theories, entropy, and the cause of the universe. It provides insights into the scientific understanding of the universe and challenges certain speculative ideas.

What’s in Our Universe?

Core Knowledge Foundation

What’s in Our Universe? by Core Knowledge Foundation is a reader that introduces Grade 3 students to the sun, planets, moon, and other celestial objects in our solar system. It provides basic information about the universe and explores concepts such as orbits, seasons, and eclipses.

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