25+ General Physics Books for Free! [PDF]

Today we want to extend our digital library with a group of free books, which you will surely find very useful. Our selection of texts is about General Physics.

Each one of the texts that we will share with you about physics, is in PDF format so that you can manage its download in a practical and fast way.

General physics or simply physics, besides being a theoretical science, is an experimental science; and as such, it is in charge of verifying its findings by means of experiments. It can also make predictions of future experiments based on previous observations.

This science is considered as a fundamental science, since it includes within its field of study: the biology, chemistry and electronics. It also explains the phenomena of each.

General physics is considerably influential, because of what it has allowed the human being to understand, which has been transformed into new technology and new benefits for humanity.

In our list of books on General Physics in PDF format you can consult its history, its branches, fundamental concepts, research areas, main physical magnitudes, among many other points.

Our select list of books is made up of more than 25 texts, whose authors are part of a group of experts in the area. Additionally, we are pleased to inform you that each and every one of these texts has been assigned for free publication and distribution or are in the public domain.

Without further ado, we present you our selection of books on general physics.

Here we present our complete selection of General Physics Books:

1) University Physics Volume 1

Samuel J. Ling, Jeff Sanny, William Moebs

2) University Physics Volume 2

Samuel J. Ling, Jeff Sanny, William Moebs

3) University Physics Volume 3

Samuel J. Ling, Jeff Sanny, William Moebs

4) College Physics - Volume 1 of 3

Textbook Equity Open Education

5) College Physics - Volume 2 of 3

Textbook Equity Open Education

6) College Physics - Volume 3 of 3

Textbook Equity Open Education

7) Introductory Physics I

Robert Brown

8) Introductory Physics II

Robert G. Brown

9) General Physics I: Classical Mechanics

D.G. Simpson

10) Physics Notes

Mr. Bigler

11) Calculus-Based Physics I

Jeffrey W. Schnick

12) Calculus-Based Physics II

Jeffrey W. Schnick

13) A Textbook for High School Students Studying Physics

FHSST Authors

14) An introduction to physics

Dr. Pervez Hoodbhoy

15) A brief introduction to physics for mathematicians

Igor Dolgachev

16) Essential Physics

Frank W. K. Firk

17) Physics Now

Jon Ogborn

18) Physics for beginners

Matthew Raspanti

19) Motion and Mass:First Steps into Physics

Roy McWeeny

20) Mathematical Physics

Bergfinnur Durhuus, Jan Philip Solovej

21) Lecture I: Basic Physics

UU - Department of Information and Computing Sciences

22) Modern Physics Notes

J Kiefer

23) Lecture Notes for General Physics

Martin Kruczenski

24) Fundamental Physics Notes

Joseph E. Johnson

25) General physics I (Mechanics)

Ajiboye Y., Badmus O.G.

26) Physics: a brief summary

Miguel A. Lerma

Here ends our selection of free General Physics Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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