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If you are as passionate about physics as we are, you have to explore this selection we have made of statics books in PDF format. We know it will be of great use for your advanced studies. We like to nurture the research spirit of our community.

Statics is applied in professions such as architecture (building construction) and mechanical engineering. We invite you to study it with our statics books, where you will find relevant information about this discipline, its laws and basic principles, essential to have a deep knowledge of it.

Statics is the branch of physics that studies how forces act on bodies at rest. In this sense, the opposite of statics is dynamics.

For a body to be in equilibrium, the vector sum of all the forces acting on it must be zero, as well as the sum of the moment of the force. This is measured relative to a point and is obtained by calculating the distance between this point and the line of application of the force. 

Forces cause accelerations, so their absence in bodies at rest causes them to be stationary and the absence of moments is what causes the body not to rotate.

When a body exerts a force on another and this force causes the reaction of the latter to exert a force on the first body of the same magnitude, then they would be in equilibrium. This equilibrium can be stable (a pendulum), unstable (a stick on its tip) or indifferent (a wheel on its axis).

Take a look at our collection of over 15 books on statics in PDF format. You can access all titles quickly and completely free of charge from this section of our virtual library. Download them on any electronic device.

Here we present our complete selection of Statics Books:

1) Engineering Mechanics Static - Lecture Notes

A Al Mukhtar

2) Engineering Mechanics Statics

Haider Kadhem Sakban

3) Statics and Torque

Wright State University

4) Introduction to Comparative Statics

KC Border

5) Comparative Statics, Informativeness, and the Interval Dominance Order

John K H Quah,Bruno Strulovici

6) Basic mechanics

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

7) Basics and Statics of Particles

Sathyabama Institute

8) Static Equilibrium

J.H. Burge

9) Static Equilibrium and Elasticity

Austin Community College District

10) Static Equilibrium; Elasticity and Fracture

Amazon S3

11) Static Equilibrium

Lehman College

12) Static Equilibrium

Physics Study Guides

13) Equilibrium

University of Technology

14) Examples of Static Equilibrium

The Expert TA

15) Pressure and Fluid Statics

Fred Stern

16) Characterization of Particle Motion and Deposition Behaviour in Electro-Static Fields

G Boiger

17) Static Equilibrium and Elasticity (Presentation)

Luis Anchordoqui

18) Static Equilibrium and Torque (Presentation)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

19) Example Problems on Static Equilibrium (Article)

Information Services and Technology

20) Various Tools for Comparative Statics (Article)

Department of Economics Iowa State University

Here ends our selection of free Statics Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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