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Discover the fascinating world of hydrostatics with our collection of free books on hydrostatics in PDF format.

Hydrostatics focuses on the study of fluids at rest, addressing concepts such as pressure, buoyancy, and Pascal’s principle, which are essential in fields like engineering and meteorology.

Our digital library offers everything from beginner introductions to more complex texts for researchers and professionals, covering a wide range of applications and theories.

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Books and Texts on Hydrostatics in PDF

Lectures on Fluids

Michael Fowler

Lectures on Fluids by Michael Fowler is a comprehensive overview of hydrostatics, covering topics such as pressure, buoyancy, viscosity, and dimensional analysis. It explores historical contributions from figures like Archimedes and Galileo and includes practical examples and calculations.

Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

Aurovinda Mohanty

Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics by Aurovinda Mohanty is a comprehensive guide that covers the basic principles and concepts of fluid mechanics. It discusses the behavior of fluids at rest and in motion, the definition of fluids, the concept of a continuum, and the characteristics of fluid flow.

Archimedes’ Principle

Brooklyn College

Archimedes’ Principle by Brooklyn College is a brief guide that explains buoyancy, Archimedes' Principle, and how to verify it through experiments. It provides procedures and apparatus descriptions for conducting experiments related to buoyant force, apparent weight, and density measurements of solid and liquid samples.

Introductory lectures on fluid dynamics

Roger K. Smith

Introductory Lectures on Fluid Dynamics by Roger K. Smith provides an overview of basic concepts in fluid dynamics, including equations of motion, conservation of mass, Bernoulli's equation, and vorticity.

Fluid Dynamics

Lehman College

Fluid Dynamics by Lehman College is a brief introduction to fluid dynamics, covering topics such as ideal fluids, velocity vector fields, Bernoulli's principle, and mass continuity equation. It provides a foundation for understanding fluid behavior and its applications.

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