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Mathematical operations can be incredibly complex, yet their study becomes a fascinating adventure for those who are passionate about them. A part of it deals with the discovery of the operations that lead to a particular result.

If you are here it is because you are interested in this area of mathematics whose application extends to many other sciences. That’s why we bring for you an amazing collection of calculus books in PDF format. Yes, calculus does not have to be a headache.

Did you know that the word calculus means stone? That is its original meaning. In ancient times, mathematical operations were performed on stones. The most significant advances in calculus are attributed to Newton and Leibniz in the 17th century.

However, already in the 18th and part of the 19th century there was confusion as to the exact use of infinite and infinitesimal quantities. Until some outstanding mathematicians brought precision in limits and derivatives (Bolzano and Cauchy), in integrals (Riemann and Cauchy) and Dedekind with the creation of the real numbers. Discover all these aspects in our calculus books.

Calculus can be defined as the branch of mathematics that predicts a specific result based on previous data. It investigates values, measurements, areas, volumes and lengths. It has a wide scope in other disciplines such as engineering, chemistry, physics or economics.

There are different types of calculus: differential (its focus is on derivatives), arithmetic (uses numbers and some conventional symbols), integral (deals with the sum of infinities) and algebraic (uses numbers and letters to substitute quantities).

Consult our compendium of more than 20 calculus books in PDF, available for free and immediate download.

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Here we present our complete selection of Calculus books:

1) Calculus Volume 1

Autor: Edwin Jed Herman , Gilbert Strang

Fuente: CloudFront

2) Calculus

Autor: Gilbert Strang

Fuente: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

3) Introduction to Calculus

Autor: J.H. Heinbockel

Fuente: Old Dominion University

4) Calculus I

Autor: Paul Dawkins

Fuente: Lamar University

5) Calculus with Analytic Geometry

Autor: Crowell and Slesnick’s

Fuente: Dartmouth College

6) Introductory Calculus Notes

Autor: Ambar N. Sengupta

Fuente: Louisiana State University

7) Single Variable Calculus

Autor: David Guichard

Fuente: Whitman College

8) Applied Calculus

Autor: Shana Calaway, Dale Hoffman, David Lippman

Fuente: OpenTextBookStore Catalog

9) Exercises and Problems in Calculus

Autor: John M. Erdman

Fuente: Portland State University

10) Understanding Basic Calculus

Autor: S.K. Chung

Fuente: Nagoya University

11) Calculus II

Autor: Veselin Jungic & Jamie Mulholland

Fuente: Simon Fraser University

12) Math 221 – 1st Semester Calculus

Autor: Sigurd Angenent

Fuente: University of Wisconsin–Madison


13) A Collection of Problems in Differential Calculus

Autor: Veselin Jungic, Petra Menz, Randall Pyke

Fuente: University of North Georgia

14) Notes on Calculus II Integral Calculus

Autor: Miguel A. Lerma

Fuente: Northwestern University

15) Vector Algebra and Calculus

Autor: Stephen Roberts

Fuente: University of Oxford

16) The Elements of Infinitesimal Calculus

Autor: David A. Santos

Fuente: The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

17) Calculus, Class Notes

Autor: Eugen J. Ionascu

Fuente: ResearchGate

18) Advanced Calculus

Autor: Rudi Weikard

Fuente: The University of Alabama at Birmingham

19) Fundamentals of Calculus (Presentation)

Autor: Sudev Naduvath

Fuente: ResearchGate

20) Introduction to Differential Calculus

Autor: Christopher Thomas

Fuente: The University of Sydney

21) Mathematics 103 (Applied Calculus I)

Autor: Karen Meagher

Fuente: University of Regina

22) Introduction to differential calculus

Autor: Dr Daniel Mathews

Fuente: Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

23) Basic Calculus Refresher

Autor: Ismor Fischer, Ph.D.

Fuente: University of Wisconsin–Madison

24) Review of Essential Algebra Concepts and Skills for Calculus

Autor: Utah State University

Fuente: Utah State University

25) Integral Calculus Formula Sheet (Article)

Autor: The Ohio State University

Fuente: The Ohio State University

Here ends our selection of free Calculus books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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