15+ Vector Calculation Books for Free! [PDF]

We present this collection of vector calculus books in PDF format, created for those interested in the study of mathematics, physics, and mechanical engineering. In the latter practical area, vector calculus is used a lot in problems of dynamics and kinematics.

Vector calculus can be defined as a method of vector analysis in two or more dimensions and a body of formulas used to solve problems in engineering and physics. A physical quantity is considered to be vectorial when, in addition to a modulus, it needs a direction, a sense, and a number that dominates it.

Vector calculus is based on four operations: Gradient, rotor, divergence, and Laplacian. A very complex engineering problem can be solved by transforming it into a system of equations that can be solved through matrix calculus. These, in turn, are associated with vector calculus.

Vectors are line segments oriented in a given space and are composed of three elements: module, direction, and sense. They are classified as free, axial, fixed, sliding, equipollent and opposite.

Take a look right now at this collection of more than 15 vector calculus books in PDF format and download the ones you want to your different electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Vector Calculation books:

1) Vectors

Alamo College

2) Units and Vectors: Tools for Physics

Tennessee Tech University

3) Vectors

UCF Physics

4) Introduction to vectors


5) Vectors

University College London

6) Vector Algebra


7) Vectors (Article)


8) Vectors In Physics (Presentation)

University of Houston

9) Vector Geometry

University of Manitoba

10) Vectors and Scalars

University of Babylon

11) Vector Calculus

Whitman College

12) Vectors and Applications


13) Introduction to Vectors

R Horan & M Lavelle

14) Physics 1100: Vector Solutions


15) Magnitudes, Directions, and Components of Vectors

Dr. Leah Howard

16) Vector Applications

T. Madas

Here ends our selection of free Vector Calculation books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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