20+ Geometry Books for Free! [PDF]

We see the basic fundamentals of mathematics from the time we are very young and learn even more about its development in school. One of the areas of mathematics that we see from the beginning of our education to the end is the one that we will introduce to you in this section. Yes, we have made a compilation of geometry books in PDF format, and who does not remember this branch of mathematics?

It is perhaps one of the oldest disciplines in existence, since already in Ancient Egypt figures such as Euclid made impressive contributions that until recently had not been modified in the slightest. It was Euclid’s theoretical and practical principles that we saw the most in high school. If you are interested in researching this topic or reinforcing the knowledge of your studies, we invite you to review our books on geometry.

Geometry is defined as the branch of mathematics that studies the properties and measurements of a figure in a given space or plane. Basically, it deals with the volume and surface area of solid bodies and it calculates the area and diameter of plane figures. It has applications to solve problems in the everyday world, such as in the manufacture of objects, instruments and the creation of designs.

René Descartes also made an important contribution to this discipline in which geometric figures can be represented by equations. Geometry is also divided into 3 branches: projective geometry (projections of figures on a plane), plane geometry (figures with all their points on a plane), solid geometry (figures with points belonging to different planes).

Find out all about this important discipline by taking a look at our more than 20 geometry PDF books. We leave you the complete list below. You can download the titles immediately.

Here we present our complete selection of Geometry books:

1) Introduction To Differential Geometry

Joel W. Robbin, Dietmar A. Salamon

Source: Eth Zürich

2) Natural Operations in Differential Geometry

Ivan Koklar, Peter W. Michor, Jan Slovak

Source: Universität Wien

3) Plane and Solid Geometry


Source: Aproged

4) Geometry

University of South Carolina

Source: University of South Carolina

5) Tropical Geometry

Grigory Mikhalkin, Johannes Rau

Source: Universität Tübingen

6) Elementary Differential Geometry: Curves and Surfaces

Martin Raussen

Source: Aalborg University

7) The Foundations of Geometry

David Hilbert

Source: University of California, Berkeley

8) Measurement and Geometry in Upper Primary School

Koeno Gravemeijer, Nisa Figueiredo, Ronald Keijzer

Source: ResearchGate

9) Geometry

Marcos Cherinda

Source: ResearchGate

10) Geometry for Elementary School


Source: Wikimedia

11) Introduction to Basic Geometry

Radford University

Source: Radford University

12) Introduction to geometry (Year 1)

Timothy Logvinenko

Source: University of Warwick

13) Geometry Notes

Arizona State University

Source: Arizona State University

14) Geometry Problems: Circles and Triangles

Shell Center Team at the University of Nottingham

Source: Educational Designer

15) Projective Geometry: A Short Introduction

Edmond Boyer

Source: INRIA Grenoble Rhône-Alpes

16) Geometry: Properties of Shape

White Rose Maths

Source: White Rose Maths

17) Introduction to Coordinate Geometry

Brown, Michael Evans, David Hunt

Source: Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

18) Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists - Elementary Geometry

Andrei D. Polyanin, Alexander V. Manzhirov

Source: Routledge Handbooks Online

19) Introduction to Plane Geometry

Peter Brown, Michael Evans, David Hunt

Source: Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute

20) Basic Geometric Formulas and properties (Article)

Jefferson Humphries

Source: Gato Content Management System

21) Geometry Vocabulary (Article)

Carroll County Public Schools Home

Source: Carroll County Public Schools Home

Here ends our selection of free Geometry books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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