20+ Statistics Books for Free! [PDF]

Collecting information about reality to obtain a data-based “snapshot” of some of its aspects is one of the most useful ways to use mathematics. Given its importance, we have decided to make a compilation of statistics books in PDF format, to quench your thirst for knowledge. We are pleased to accompany your research work on this important subject, especially as an auxiliary branch of many exact, natural and social sciences.

Statistics originated in the 18th century and is attributed to the economist Gottfried Achenwall, who defined it as the science of state affairs. In fact, until now statistics has been used to investigate information of political and governmental interest. This discipline is present in many areas of public life. Thanks to it, indispensable data is obtained to understand the realities of the world. Become an expert in this branch of mathematics by studying our books on statistics.

Statistics can be defined as the discipline that studies, collects, analyzes and describes a set of data. This data is then compared with other data to obtain a complete result. Among its most relevant uses is the study of a specific population or sample, to see how it has evolved or how it can provide a solution to a given problem.

Statistics can be divided into descriptive statistics (describes the characteristics of a data set), inferential statistics (uses methods to make predictions and generalizations), parametric statistics (works on the hypothesis of the distribution of the data) and nonparametric statistics (does not assume that the data have a specific type of distribution).

This important discipline could not fail to have a section of more than 20 books of statistics in PDF. Learn all about the subject and download our titles right now on your electronic devices.

Here we present our complete selection of Statistics books:

1) Introduction to Statistics

David M. Lane

2) An Introduction to the Science of Statistics: From Theory to Implementation

Joseph C. Watkins

3) Introduction to descriptive and parametric statistic with R

Antoine Tordeux

4) Probability and Statistics

Michael J. Evans and Jeffrey S. Rosenthal

5) Inferential Statistics (testing hypotheses)

Geoff Coates

6) Introduction to Descriptive Statistics

Joshua M. Tebbs

7) Introduction of Statistics

Z. A. Al-Hemyari

8) Parametric and Non-Parametric Statistics for Program Performance Analysis and Comparison

Julien Worms, Sid Touati

9) Descriptive Statistics


10) An Introduction to Statistics

Keone Hon

11) Basic Principles of Statistical Inference (Presentation)

Kosuke Imai

12) Inferential Statistics (Presentation)

Katie Rommel-Esham

13) Introduction to Inferential Statistics: Sampling and the Sampling Distribution (Presentation)

Ernesto F. L. Amaral

14) Descriptive Statistics and Exploratory Data Analysis (Presentation)

University of Washington UW

15) Lecture Notes 1

Stony Brook University, New York

16) SPSS: Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Division of Statitics, Scientific Computation

17) Module 4: Inferential Statistics (Presentation)

Nova Southeastern University

18) Descriptive Statistics

Number Cruncher Statistical System

19) Analysis and Interpretation: Descriptive Statistics (Presentation)

Eduardo Figueiredo

20) Frequently Used Statistics Formulas and Tables

Hagerstown Community College

21) Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Chanoknath Sutanapong & Louangrath

Here ends our selection of free Statistics books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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