15+ Mathematical Finance Books for Free! [PDF]

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Since the field of mathematics is quite broad, we have decided to include books on mathematical finance in PDF format, an area that we know interests many of our readers. Research in this field has gained momentum in recent decades, which has made economic scholars pay much more attention to it.

Precisely, our selection of books on mathematical finance responds to this growing need for knowledge in this discipline. It includes a variety of methodologies for determining the value of money over time.

In this sense, we can define it as the area of applied mathematics that studies various calculation tools to determine the value of money over a period of time, during a financial transaction.

The term financial operation refers to the exchange of a current capital for another that will be obtained in the future, both capitals will have a different value once that time has elapsed. In this operation, mathematical finance is in charge of calculating this value.

This amount of money received in addition to the initial value is known as interest or return on capital. There are two ways or methods to calculate it:

Simple interest, which is defined as the calculation based on the initial value (invested capital), which means that in a given period the interest is equal to the initial value multiplied by the interest rate.

In the compound interest method, the interest generated over time is added to the initial capital and additional interest is generated in the following period.

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Here we present our complete selection of Mathematical Finance books:

Financial Mathematics I

Jitse Niesen

Basics of Financial Mathematics

A A Mitsel

An Introduction to Financial Mathematics

Sandeep Juneja

An Introduction to Financial Mathematics with MATLAB

Dmitrii S Silvestrov,Anatoliy A Malyarenko

Actuarial Science Financial Mathematics

California State University Long Beach

Finance Growth and Decay

Maths At Sharp

Financial Mathematics

I Liang Chern

An Overview of Financial Mathematics

William Benedict McCartney

Financial Mathematics for Actuaries (Presentation)

Singapore Management University

Integration Theory in Financial Mathematics

P Muldowney,W Wojdowski

Applications of Geometric Sequences and Series to Financial Maths

Project Maths

Financial Mathematics A Practical Guide for Actuaries and Other Business Professionals

Chris Ruckman,Joe Francis,Kevin Shand

Advanced Financial Mathematics Lecture Notes Summer Term 2021

Universitat Munster

Solving Annuity Formulas for Interest Rate Iterative Routines on the TI 83/84

Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications

Mathematics of Risk (Article)

Westfield State University

Mathematics of Finance

Bangladesh Open University

A Short Introduction to Arbitrage Theory and Pricing in Mathematical Finance for Discrete Time Markets With or Without Frictions

Emmanuel Lepinette

Here ends our selection of free Mathematical Finance books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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