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In mathematics, there are an infinite number of concepts and theories that we can focus on for a long time. So, if you are interested in this topic, you can expand it with our collection of graph theory books in PDF format.

Graph theory is the branch of mathematics and computer science that studies the properties of graphs or graphs, as they are also known. But what are graphs? They are a set of non-empty elements, which are known as vertices, and a collection of edges (pairs of vertices) that may or may not be oriented. 

There are different ways to store graphs on a computer. The data structure used will depend on both the features of the graph and the algorithm used to manipulate it.

A graph is a pair of sets G = (V, A), where “V” is the set of vertices and “A” is the set of edges. Graphs can be simple, connected, complete, or bipartite.

Want to learn more? Come and explore our selection of more than 15 graph theory books in PDF format and enjoy the pleasure of accessing knowledge, free and easily.

Here we present our complete selection of Graph Theory books:

Graph Theory

University of Notre Dame

Graph Theory - Programme course

Sri Chandrasekharendra

Graph Theory

Benny Sudakov

Graph Theory

Maria Axenovich

Graph Theory lecture notes

Paul Johnson

Lecture Notes on - GRAPH THEORY

Tero Harju

Introduction to Graph Theory

Jacques Verstraete

Graph Theory

Universidad King Saud

An Introduction to Combinatorics and Graph Theory

David Guichard

Graph theory: basic definitions and theorems (Article)

Gordon College

Graph Theory and Applications (Presentation)

Paul Van Dooren

Basic Concepts in Graph Theory


Advanced Graph Theory

School of science and humanities - department of mathematics

Elements of Graph Theory (Presentation)


Graph Theory Basics (Presentation)

William T. Trotter

Elementary Graph Theory

Robin Truax

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