15+ Logic Books for Free! [PDF]

The development of thought will always be of vital importance for human beings. Hence, philosophy, science and the arts emerged to unleash the mental and creative potential that the world needs to be better. We are pleased to present this collection of logic books in PDF format, which will provide you with the basic principles of this important discipline.

Logic is a science with a long history that originated independently thanks to thinkers belonging to ancient civilizations such as the Greek or Chinese. It was a process in which the form of thought was evaluated and its veracity was tested. Our collection of logic books in PDF format facilitates its study.

Logic can be defined as the science that studies the form of thought and its processes (demonstration, deduction or inference). It also focuses on concepts such as fallacies, paradoxes and truth. Today, it is part of mathematics and philosophy.

In everyday language, the word logic is used to refer to something that follows the rules of reason and also to refer to common sense, that is, to a way of acting appropriately in a given context. Likewise, when speaking of a specific way of thinking, in a given field or place.

In a sense, everyday usage reveals the purpose of the study of logic, although it goes much further. Since ancient times, logic has been concerned with evaluating the form of reasoning and determining how it leads to truth. However, it was not until the 20th century that it became part of mathematics due to its application in the modern world.

We invite you to take a look at our collection of over 15 logic books in PDF format, available for immediate download in this section.

Logic Books

1) Mathematical Logic

Lou van den Dries

2) Sentential Logic

Tony Roy

3) Logic and Set Theory

Henry D Pfister Web Site

4) Mathematical Logic I

Michael Rathjen

5) Mathematical Logic II

Dag Normann

6) Notes on Mathematical Logic

David W Kueker

7) The Development of Mathematical Logic from Russell to Tarski 1900–1935

Paolo Mancosu,Richard Zach,Calixto Badesa

8) Mathematical Logic

Helmut Schwichtenberg

9) What is mathematical logic A survey

John N Crossley

10) Mathematical Logic II (Presentation)

University of Massachusetts Amherst

11) Logic and Proof

Mary Radcliffe

12) Mathematical Logic with Diagrams

Frithjof Dau

13) Notes on Mathematical Logic

James Aspnes

14) An Introduction to Symbolic Logic

Guram Bezhanishvili,Wesley Fussner

15) Lecture Notes on Mathematical Logic

Vladimir Lifschitz

Mathematical Logic for Children

Mathematical logic for children is a necessary tool for children to learn and assimilate mathematical concepts that are very useful in people’s daily lives. In addition, it helps them to improve their reasoning capacity, being this the main point of this science, since it prepares them for the future years when they are no longer children.

Among the logic exercises most used by children are: series of numbers, classification, correspondence, mathematical puzzles, wooden tetris, chess, and many more.

The simple fact of being trained as children will allow them to make decisions for themselves at a very early age, something that is very beneficial and helps their character.

16) Logic Math Exercises for Young Children

Bonnie Risby,Robert K Risby II

17) 5 Games For Building Logic

Emily Dyke and Joe Dyke

18) Logical-Mathematical Intelligence

Annie R. Hoekstra - de Roos

19) Indigenous Logic Math Games

Lori Bernard, Karla Gamble

20) When is Preschool Childrens Play Mathematical

Ola Helenius,Maria L Johansson,Troels Lang

Here ends our selection of free Logic books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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