5 Atheism Books for Free! [PDF]

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Explore the thinking and philosophy behind atheism with our collection of free PDF books on atheism.

Atheism is the stance that denies the existence of deities and encourages critical analysis of religious beliefs, promoting an understanding of the world based on reason, science, and humanism.

From philosophical essays to historical analyses and personal reflections on life without belief in gods, our selection offers a broad insight into atheism and its arguments.

These books are essential resources for those seeking to understand atheism, delve into its intellectual foundations, and learn about the experiences of those living without religion.

Download our collection of atheism books in PDF for free and immerse yourself in the dialogue about belief, non-belief, and meaning in a secular world.

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Books and Texts about Atheism in PDF

An Argument for Atheism


An Argument for Atheism by PhilPapers is a discussion on atheism and theism, presenting the best argument for atheism and examining the differences between atheists and theists. It explores the concept of naturalism and how it contrasts with theistic beliefs, evaluating the explanations and evidence for both positions.

Review: A Short History of Atheism

Daniel J Linford

Review: A Short History of Atheism by Daniel J Linford is a book review discussing Gavin Hyman’s A Short History of Atheism, which provides an explanation of the theological and philosophical origins of modern atheism. It explores the evolution of conceptions of God and the impact on atheistic arguments.

Atheism - Paths to Humanism

American Humanist Association

Atheism - Paths to Humanism by the American Humanist Association explores the history of atheism, from ancient times to the 20th century, and its connection to the development of humanism. It discusses how atheism has often been suppressed and the emergence of atheistic thought during the Enlightenment and scientific advancements.

Atheism: Five arguments for God

William Lane Craig

Atheism: Five Arguments for God by William Lane Craig is an exploration of arguments for the existence of God, highlighting the resurgence of interest in these arguments among professional philosophers. It discusses the importance of sound arguments and examines five specific arguments for God's existence, starting with the cosmological argument from contingency.

The natural history of atheism

John Stuart Blackie

The Natural History of Atheism by John Stuart Blackie is a book that explores the concept of atheism, its varieties, and its historical context. It discusses the abnormality of atheistic thinking, the innate religious inclination of humans, and the contrast between humans and animals.

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