20+ Christian Books for Young Adults for Free! [PDF]

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This collection of Christian books for young people in PDF format aims to meet the need of today’s youth to have a quality Christian formation. Being a young Christian today seems to be a challenge. However, we know that many want to follow the teachings of Jesus and the Bible and that is why we bring these titles.

The selection of Christian books for young people that we have made revolves around various topics that are of interest for that stage of life. During youth, it is important to lay the foundations of education and take values for adult life. In this case, within the framework of Christianity.

This generates stress, low self-esteem, depression, and other serious problems such as cyberbullying and even suicide. This could be avoided with a solid Christian formation. The idea of this series of books is to introduce young people to Christian teachings so that they can lead a life away from all these conflicts.

Consequently, they will be able to be aware that another life is possible, one full of purpose. A life where God directs their actions, where young people do good deeds and are filled with peace. Likewise, this will allow them to develop as Christian leaders.

Do not miss this selection of more than 20 Christian books for young people in PDF format and start today your education attached to the values of Christ. Download the ones you prefer free of charge.

Here we present our complete selection of Christian Books for Young Adults:

54 Youth Group Lessons

Ministry to Youth

Bible articles for young people

Willie A. Alvarenga

Knowing Jesus Knowing Joy!

Melanie Newton

When You Pray

J. Robert Ashcroft


Baylor University

Dating and courtship. God’s way

David C. Pack

Who We Are In Christ

Ashish Raichur

Now What

Beyond Church

Your Identity in Christ

Doug Britton

Thoughts for young men

J. C. Ryle

Christians & digital media. Benefits and burdens

C. Ben Mitchell

30 Day Devotional for Students

North American Mission Board

Christian Modesty. The Public Undressing of America

Chapel Library

A parent’s guide to modesty


What does the Bible Say about... Friendship?

Christian Focus Publications

Encourage Inspiration for IPHC Leade

The International Pentecostal Holiness Church

Single and Satisfied. How Singles Can Live Victoriously

Tony Evans

God is Calling You

Isaiah Project

Bible Guidelines for Dating & Courtship

Laurence D. Brown

A Bible Study on Abortion

Christian Life Resources

Teen Topics. Handling Stress

Mini Bible Lessons

Here ends our selection of free Christian Books for Young Adults in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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