10 Children’s Religion Books for Free! [PDF]

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Introduce the youngest members of your household to the world of beliefs and spiritual traditions with our collection of free PDF books on religion for children.

These books are designed to help convey the fundamental concepts of various religions in an accessible, respectful, and educational manner.

From biblical stories to introductions to the teachings of Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, and other traditions, our selection helps foster understanding and respect for religious and spiritual diversity.

The texts are filled with child-friendly narratives, ensuring that learning about religion is both informative and entertaining.

Download our collection of religion books for children in PDF for free and open their minds to the rich cultures and spiritual teachings of the world.

Begin children on a journey of spiritual discovery.

Books and texts for Children’s Religion in PDF

The Big Book of Bible Lessons for Crafty Kids

Amy B. Pitcher

The Big Book of Bible Lessons for Crafty Kids by Amy B. Pitcher is a comprehensive guidebook designed to engage elementary-age children in religious learning through hands-on activities, crafts, and games. It provides a range of lessons centered around biblical values and can be used in various settings, such as churches, Christian schools, and home churches.

Noah’s Ark

Trueway Kids

Noah's Ark by Trueway Kids is a lesson guide that teaches children about the biblical story of Noah's Ark. It emphasizes the importance of obeying God, the consequences of sin, and God's provision of salvation through Jesus. The lesson includes interactive activities to engage children in the story.

The Tower of Babel

Trueway Kids

The Tower of Babel Author Trueway Kids.pdf is a lesson guide for children on the story of the Tower of Babel from Genesis 11:1-9. It emphasizes the importance of following God's plans, distinguishing between good and bad pride, and explores the origin of languages.

God calls Abraham and Sarah

Trueway Kids

God calls Abraham and Sarah by Trueway Kids is a lesson guide for children, focusing on the biblical story of God calling Abraham and Sarah. It emphasizes the themes of obedience, trust, and faith in God.

Abraham and Lot

Trueway Kids

Abraham and Lot by Trueway Kids is an educational resource that teaches children important lessons from the Bible. It focuses on the story of Abraham and Lot, emphasizing the consequences of our choices, prioritizing others, and the importance of God's ways.

Story of the Buddha for Primary Students


Story of the Buddha for Primary Students by BuddhaNet is an illustrated text book that provides Buddhist education material for children. It focuses on the life of Buddha, his teachings (Dharma), and their application in daily life. The book also includes a section on guided meditation for primary students.


Trueway Kids

Samson by Trueway Kids is a PDF that provides a lesson on the story of Samson from the Bible. It emphasizes God's special gifts, the importance of trust, and the concept of repentance.

20 Questions Kids Will Ask about Christianity

S. Michael Houdmann

20 Questions Kids Will Ask about Christianity by S. Michael Houdmann is a free guide that addresses common questions children have about Christianity. It provides answers from a Christian perspective to help children understand and explore their faith.

Living Well Children’s Workbook

Mariette Martineau

The Living Well Children's Workbook by Mariette Martineau is a Christian workbook designed to teach children about Christian practices. It covers topics such as caring for the body, celebrating life, making decisions, eating well, forgiving, and participating in the community. The workbook provides activities, Bible passages, and action ideas for children to practice these Christian values.

Keys to Israel for Kids

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

Keys to Israel for Kids by International Fellowship of Christians and Jews is a lesson plan aimed at Christian children, teaching them about the State of Israel and its significance in religious inheritance. The PDF provides biblical references and activities to help children understand God's promise to the Jewish people regarding the land of Israel.

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