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As social beings, we constantly seek to belong to groups or communities under which we can develop in different facets of life. In this sense, our Freemasonry books in PDF format will provide you with information about this enigmatic organization.

Around Freemasonry a series of speculations have been unleashed due to its secret and exclusive character. With these Freemasonry books in PDF format that we present in this section, perhaps we can shed some light on this interesting subject.

It is believed that Freemasonry was born at the end of the 17th century in Europe and is defined as an institution or organization of a secret, symbolic, philosophical, harmonic, selective, hierarchical and international character, whose purpose is to promote the intellectual and moral progress of its members, as well as social development.

According to some historical data, the world Masonic organization has had influence in social events of great importance and that have been key for the advancement of different societies. It is believed that some emblematic characters such as Simón Bolívar, Napoleon Bonaparte and Abraham Lincoln belonged to Masonic lodges.

Precisely, Freemasonry has groupings called lodges, which in turn are agglomerated under superior entities called “grand lodges”. And all of them are divided into two currents: regular Freemasonry and liberal Freemasonry.

The first is characterized by the prohibition of women as members and the limitation of discussions, especially on religious and political topics. The second allows freedom of worship and thought, does not limit the topics of discussion and authorizes the entry of women into the lodges.

Masons pass through three degrees in their path of evolution: apprentices, fellows and, finally, masters. In this third degree the member is allowed to participate in more relevant matters.

Discover much more about the world of Freemasonry by taking a look at these more than 10 Freemasonry books in PDF format, available for immediate and free download.

Here we present our complete selection of Freemasonry books:

Pure Ancient Masonry and the Catholic Church

Christopher Powell

Freemasonry and Religion

Pete Lentini

Catholics Versus Masons

James Franklin

The First Degree

Meredith Sanderson

Freemasonry and Ritual in South Africa

Claudio Joel de Jonge,Jaco Beyers

The Newcomer’s Guide to Masonry

Masonic Grand Lodge of Nebraska

Mentors Manual

The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Florida

Freemasonry and Christianity (Article)

Thurman Scrivner

A Masonic Dictionary

American Canadian Grand Lodge

Royal Arch Term Definitions

Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons in Virginia

Masonic Ciphers The Enigma Within Freemasonry (Article)

East Lancashire Freemasons

The Report of the Ad interim Committee to Study Freemasonry

The Historical Center of the Presbyterian Church in America

Men of Honour and Honesty Connections Between Jews and Freemasons in Early America

Sara A Zimmerman,Thomas Max Safley,Beth S

Here ends our selection of free Freemasonry books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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