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The world is full of many different religions and beliefs. None is better than another and all have the right to be practiced if they do not affect the rights of other groups or individuals. We would like to introduce you to the collection of Santeria books in PDF format, a very particular religion that resulted from a cultural fusion more than 500 years ago.

During the colonization of the Americas, the white Spaniards brought to Caribbean lands such as Haiti, Cuba, Brazil and Trinidad a significant number of African slaves, who were forced to follow the mandates of the Catholic religion. These slaves, not wanting to abandon their own beliefs, adapted some aspects of Catholicism and a new religion was born: Santeria. Find out more by reading our selection of Santeria books.

Santeria is, therefore, a religion of Afro-Caribbean origin, of syncretic type, since it combines the belief in the Orishas (gods of the Yoruba pantheon, of a Nigerian village) with the belief in the saints of Catholicism. There are many myths, legends and stories that explain the origin of certain rituals and ceremonies.

The main Yoruba gods are Oya, Shango, Yemọja, Obatala, Oshun, as well as the warriors Elegua, Ogun, Oshosi and Oshun. This religion has divinatory elements on which the believers rely to have a deeper access to the knowledge of the world. Likewise, white magic is practiced, although it is speculated that they also use black magic, something that the Santeros deny.

It is believed that if one worships the saints and divinities, obeys them with total submission and performs rituals in their name, the person is rewarded with extraordinary powers and protection for good health, prosperity and general well-being, as well as the ability to predict the future.

Access to more than 5 Santeria books in PDF format to better study this religion that is practiced in several countries around the world.

Here we present our complete selection of Santeria books:

A Practical Guide to Afro-Caribbean Magic

Luis M. Nuñez

Orishas worshippers

Federal Bureau of Prisons Web Site

Shango:God of Thunder and Lightning (Pesentation)

Clark University

Santeria Ritual Sacrificial Practices in Miami

Erhomarhua Afure

Exploring the Therapeutic Roles of Santeria for Latinx Living in Florida

Amaris J. Santiago

Santeria: a religion of resistance, secrets, and solidari

Haley Moen

Santería In Cuba

Kirsten Lavery

The Orisha Changó and Other African Deities In Cuban Drama

Robert Lima


Diana Gonzalez Kirby, Sara Maria Sinchez

Here ends our selection of free Santeria books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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