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Our collection of thermodynamics books in PDF format is very appropriate for those who wish to continue providing quality of life through science. No one can deny that this science has given us not only relevant findings for humanity, but has also made our daily lives much easier. It also has an interesting evolution over time.

We are more aware of some disciplines than others, and more aware of certain innovations than the rest. But, in the end, they all have relevant effects. Thermodynamics also serves other disciplines, and in some of them its contributions are indispensable. For all this and much more, we know that the books on thermodynamics in PDF format that we offer you in this section will be very useful.

We can define thermodynamics as the branch of physics that studies how heat relates to and interacts with other forms of energy. Generally, it is in charge of analyzing the effects generated by changes in magnitudes such as temperature, mass, volume, and density in systems at a macroscopic level.

The understanding of thermodynamic phenomena is very useful in the fields of engineering, architecture, chemistry and biology. Especially, where enormous amounts of energy are needed to start up various machines. Also, the laws of thermodynamics help a lot in some disciplines such as genetics.

On the other hand, thermodynamics only studies systems. Thermodynamic systems can be classified as follows:

Open: Those systems that exchange matter and energy with the outside.

Closed: Are those that exchange only energy with the outside.

Isolated: Those that do not exchange neither energy nor matter.

Eager to learn more? Then it’s time to take a look at our more than 2 books on thermodynamics in PDF format with the information you need for your studies and research and with immediate access.

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Here we present our complete selection of Thermodynamics Books:

#1. Lecture Notes on Thermodynamics author Joseph M. Powers | Source: University of Notre Dame
#2. Introduction to Thermodynamics author CanTeach | Source: CanTeach
#3. Lecture Notes on Thermodynamics and Statistical physics author Nguyen Quang Hoc | Source: Hanoi National University of Education
#4. Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics author Richard Fitzpatrick | Source: University of Texas Austin
#5. Thermodynamics author Henri J.F. Jansen | Source: Oregon State University
#6. Engineering Thermodynamics author Michael C. McGoodwin | Source: McGoodwin Family Website Home Page
#7. Lecture Notes on Thermodynamics author Y. Munirathnam | Source: CHDL
#8. Thermodynamics author Mrcet | Source: Mrcet
#9. The Thermodynamics of the isolated particle author Louis de Broglie | Source: Neo-classical physics
#10. Molecular physics and thermodynamics. Electrostatics author Chursanova Maryna Valeriivna | Source: CORE
#11. Lecture Notes on Statistical Mechanics & Thermodynamics author Jared Kaplan | Source: Johns Hopkins University


#12. Lecture Notes on Thermodynamics author Éric Brunet , Thierry Hocquet, Xavier Leyronas | Source: ENS
#13. Lectures on Heat and Thermodynamics author Michael Fowler | Source: University of Virginia
#14. Lecture Notes on Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics author Daniel Arovas | Source: UC San Diego
#15. Review of Thermodynamics author James J. Kelly | Source: The University of Maryland
#16. Thermodynamics: Course Introduction author Ian A. Waitz | Source: MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology
#17. Time in Thermodynamics author Jill North | Source: University of Pittsburgh
#18. Notes on Thermodynamics author Cal Poly Pomona | Source: Cal Poly Pomona
#19. Elementary Notes on Classical Thermodynamics author James Foadi | Source: James Foadi’s personal web page
#20. Heat, Thermodynamics,and Kinetic Theory (Presentation) author UC Santa Cruz | Source: UC Santa Cruz
#21. Thermodynamics (Presentation) author Texas A&M University | Source: Texas A&M University
#22. Basic Thermodynamics author P. Duthil | Source: ArXiv.org
#23. Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics author Simon Fraser University | Source: Simon Fraser University

Here ends our selection of free Thermodynamics Books in PDF format. We hope you liked it and already have your next book!

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