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Our collection of free chemistry books is indispensable if you wish to study this essential science for the development of society. It will also be useful for you to specialize in one of its branches. Chemistry has been, without a doubt, one of the most important sciences for the significant advances of mankind. It has even helped other sciences to provide effective solutions that have been key to improving life on the planet.

By browsing our selection of chemistry books in PDF format you will find many public domain texts, released for free distribution, that are among the most important in laying the foundation for the study of this discipline.

Chemistry can be defined as an experimental science that studies the structure, properties and composition of matter. It also investigates how changes occur in it when it undergoes certain processes. It has its origin in what was called alchemy, which achieved transformations in matter thanks to the reaction that arose from the combination of elements and specific substances.

Precisely, chemistry involves the study of chemical reactions that produce important changes. Thus, it can be divided into two main branches: organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry.

The first one studies the reactions and combinations of hydrocarbons, carbon atoms and their derivatives found in living tissues. Thanks to this branch, it has been possible to obtain results of great relevance for the progress of medicine, pharmaceutics, ecology, among others.

On the other hand, inorganic chemistry studies minerals and artificial products obtained from chemical reactions. Thanks to this field, a wide variety of products have been created without which we would not be able to conceive of everyday life. For example, cosmetics, personal hygiene products, cleaning products, fertilizers, medicines, paints, plastics, fabrics, among many others.

Chemistry, in general, has worked in combination with other sciences to achieve impressive advances in the fields of health, environment, transportation, industry and even art. In this sense, it has contributed to sciences such as medicine, pharmacy, biology and geology, just to name a few.

Other branches that arise from the two divisions of chemistry are: biochemistry, analytical chemistry, quantum chemistry, environmental chemistry, among others. All of them you will be able to study with our chemistry books available for you.

Without this great experimental science, life today could not be what it is. As simple as it is true. The world’s great advances in technology owe much to chemistry. And although there are still many things to discover, everything it has given us as a science is invaluable.

With our compendium of books on chemistry you will learn about the theory and applications of chemistry, from the most basic to the most complex concepts. It will help you become a specialist in this area so indispensable yesterday, today and tomorrow. We invite you to take a look, you won’t regret it.

Books about Chemistry

1) Inorganic Chemistry Books


Inorganic chemistry is the branch of chemistry that studies the properties, structure and reactivity of inorganic compounds. This field of chemistry encompasses all chemical compounds except those with carbon-hydrogen bonds, which are studied by organic chemistry.

Broadly speaking, inorganic chemistry can be considered as chemistry without carbon, although artificial compounds obtained in the laboratory, such as fullerene, graphene, nanotubes and carbides, among others, can nowadays be obtained in the laboratory in a totally synthetic way, being inorganic compounds even though they comprise carbon atoms.

Inorganic chemistry is a field very close to the interests of geology, mineralogy, magnetochemistry, geochemistry and other similar fields of application.

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+15 Books about Inorganic Chemistry in PDF format

2) Organic Chemistry Books



Organic chemistry or carbon chemistry is the branch of chemistry that studies a large class of carbon-containing molecules, forming carbon-carbon and carbon-hydrogen covalent bonds, also known as organic compounds. Its richness is overwhelming. Originally, organic chemistry was confused with biochemistry, since the chemistry of life is largely based on carbon chemistry.

The term “organic” comes from the relationship between these compounds and life processes, however, there are many compounds studied by organic chemistry that are not present in living organisms, while many inorganic compounds are part of basic life processes such as mineral salts or metals such as iron, which is present in hemoglobin.

If you want to know everything about this branch of chemistry, we invite you to visit our book selections listed below.

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+25 Books about Organic Chemistry in PDF format

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