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What is currently known as animal anatomy is the science that studies the structure, number, shape, size, arrangement, relationships of the external and internal parts of animals and their situation.

The book “Anatomy of the Domestic Animals”, written by James Daniels Grossman, Robert Getty and Septimus Sisson, provides a great and important amount of information. This work has served as an exceptional guide for professionals in the field. Especially for future professionals specialized in animal surgery.

Currently in Europe, the United States and South America, one of the basic subjects of veterinary medicine is veterinary anatomy. This has as a model of analysis and study the dog, which is the animal with more practice in this profession.

Studies that are part of animal anatomy.

  • Osteology: consists of the study of the bones of animals.
  • Arthrology: it is in charge of the study of all animal joints.
  • Myology: analyzes and studies the muscles.
  • Head: studies the bones, muscles and joints of the head.
  • Spine: studies the vertebrae and their joints.
  • Thorax: studies the bones, muscles and joints of the thorax.
  • Forelimb: studies the bones, muscles and joints of the forelimb.
  • Hind limb: studies the bones, muscles and joints of the hindlimb.
  • Digestive system: studies the digestive system anatomically.
  • Urogenital system: studies the urogenital organs.
  • Respiratory system: studies anatomically the organs of respiration.
  • Circulatory system: studies the heart and vessels.

In our listing you can enjoy more than 10 books about Animal Anatomy in PDF format. All of them with useful and interesting information.

Here we present our complete selection of Animal Anatomy books:

Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy

Funaab Federal University of Agriculture,Abeokuta

Anatomy and Physiology of Animals


Animal Anatomy and Physiology 1 (Presentation)

Centro de Conservación de Manatíes de Puerto Rico

Anatomy and physiology of farm animals

Dr. C. E. Isidahomen

Chicken anatomy and physiology


Anatomy and Physiology of the chicken

The South African Poultry Association

Veterinary Gross Anatomy

Thomas F Fletcher

Horse Hoof And Leg Anatomy A Guided Tour (Presentation)

Scott J Duggan

Mammary gland physiology and anatomy

LESA, Ecole Supérieure dAgricultures basee a Angers

Veterinary Anatomy (Presentation)

Dr Sanjay Kumar Bharti

Small Animals Anatomy Felines and Canines (Article)

Dr Paral,Dr Pyszko

Anatomy amphibians (Article)

Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment

Anatomy & Physiology of Animals (Presentation)

Floron C Faries

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