5 Poultry Farming Books for Free! [PDF]

Discover the fascinating world of poultry farming with our extensive selection of free books in PDF format. If you’re interested in learning about bird rearing and everything related to this exciting field, you’re in the right place.

Our collection offers a variety of free and accessible resources that will allow you to delve into the world of poultry farming without any cost or the need to register.

Poultry farming is a discipline that encompasses various aspects, from egg and poultry meat production to the management of specific breeds and the implementation of animal care and welfare practices.

Exploring this branch of agriculture gives you the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the life cycle of birds, their feeding habits, the most common diseases, and breeding techniques.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about the importance of maintaining an optimal environment for the growth and development of birds in farms and hatcheries.

Don’t waste any more time and start your download right away. Explore our extensive collection of free poultry farming books in PDF and unlock a world of knowledge at your fingertips.

Books and Texts on Poultry Farming in PDF

Basic Management of Poultry in Developing Communities

Jon Moyle

Basic Management of Poultry in Developing Communities by Jon Moyle, Ph.D. is a comprehensive guide that covers various topics related to poultry management in developing communities. It provides information on poultry anatomy, production methods, breeding, feeding, diseases, vaccines, and record-keeping.

Poultry Development Review


Poultry Development Review by FAO provides information on various aspects of poultry development, including nutrition, housing, waste management, feed availability, genetics, health, and welfare. It emphasizes the role of poultry in human nutrition, highlighting the importance of chicken meat and eggs as a source of high-quality protein and essential nutrients.

Practical Poultry Raising

Peace Corps

Practical Poultry Raising by Peace Corps is a practical guide to poultry production, covering topics such as raising chickens, poultry husbandry, and management systems.

Compiled Poultry Resource Book

The Ohio State University

Compiled Poultry Resource Book is a guide that provides information on chicken breed selection, egg production, meat production, and poultry exhibition. It covers various aspects of poultry management and offers insights into different breeds suitable for specific purposes.

Village Chicken Production Handbook

Addis Ababa

Village Chicken Production Handbook is a comprehensive guide on improving village chicken production systems with minimal inputs. It covers various aspects such as management, housing, feed and feeding, marketing, health, and disease management.

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